Never Done

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The journey towards fulfillment in any endeavor is never done. It could take me a little while to get where I want to go, I've known that for some time. I'm accepting it. I accept that I have spurts of high energy toward particular goals. This energy is not something that I have yet learned to maintain. I believe it is part of the process.

I am taking this week off, more or less. I still walk a lot through the week, three miles a night. But when it comes to working out at home, that's taking a hiatus so that I can clean my home and make it suitable for working out. Makes sense, I Think!

I'm doing what I can to eat well. Fell off the wagon from Saturday clear into Monday, but I'm sliding back into the groove of eating better. I haven't bought fruits- that was part of the pickle.

though I have a good amount of pickles!

Fruits and veggies have fallen wayside, this week, but the process continues to clarify and I understand more where my issues are.

Thank you for supporting me in the journey and through my spurts and sputters as I grow to understand these processes. I pray peace for your journey, as well. Have a great week and we will meet again in the weeks to come!
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