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A look in the mirror - Tales from 100# Down

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

If you are on one of my teams you saw this post already today but I felt it was worth sharing with you:

A Look in the Mirror

I am going to share with you from "real experiences" (some mine, some previous team members). If you see yourself in any of these stories it wasn't because I am talking about YOU but only that you have fallen into the same detours as many before you. "I" have been in many of these detours myself so can speak with authenticity about them. The names are all made up.

Regina - Regina loves to exercise and will easily get 45 minutes of good cardio a day but her weight stays the same because she's eating more justified by her exercise. Here is the thing. Regina weighs 180 pounds and even that 45 minutes of elliptical only burned 338 calories. She justified that small chocolate shake at McDonald's because of her workout but it had 580 calories.

Marjorie - Marjorie is great at planning. She can come up with meal plans that are spot on in nutrition value and calories. She can have the perfect workout planned with strength training for every body part with stretching and cool down. She can make a vision board with motivational phrases and pictures. What's the problem? Marjorie is waiting for "tomorrow" to start and tomorrow never comes.

Tim - Tim is all in or all out. He can have a perfect Monday,Thursday and Sunday but he undoes all his good efforts on those days by his out of control eating the rest and his night at the club on Saturday tossing back shots and eating nachos.

Stacy - Stacy makes bargains with herself. I can have these three cookies because I'm not going to have bread at dinner but dinner comes and she has the bread anyway putting her calories over the top for the day.

Allison - Allison is a sneak eater. What nobody sees her eat she forgets about. This includes driving through McDonald's after dropping the kids at the pool and getting a small french fry and diet coke (which justifies the fries). She also will carry a candy bar she purchased into the bathroom to eat it as nobody thinks twice about the closed door and she can eat in privacy.

Tom - Tom never weighs or measures anything. He just opens the box and pours his cereal til the bowl is full. If he would measure he would see he just ate 2-1/2 servings of that granola at a whopping 575 calories without milk!

Alana - Alana can't understand why she's not losing because she's eating only 1200 calories a day. Here is the thing. She's only LOGGING 1200 calories a day but she's getting much more than that because she's not weighing and measuring her portions, counting the french fries she's nibbling off her children's plates or the licks and tastes cooking for her family.

Belinda - Belinda isn't losing and doesn't get it because she walks every day with her mother for 30 minutes. Of course her walk is more of a stroll as they talk the whole time and a good walking pace should leave one a little breathy when talking. Belinda is also relying on that walk to undo those extra calories she nibbles.

George - George is a grazer and has no clue how many calories he is eating but he is only eating healthy food so why is he gaining weight. You CAN gain weight on ANY food if your calories exceed your burn over a period of time. Just because those Snackwell cookies are low in fat does not mean they are calorie free or quality food.

Julia - Julia is in flat denial. She only looks at her face in the mirror fixing her makeup beautifully. She avoids all full-length mirrors and her clothes that are now too tight must surely have shrunk. She also avoids the scales because in all reality she doesn't want to know if she has gained. This only leads to her getting further into that detour.

Blake - Blake is on an accountability team but when she's eating out of control she avoids the team because she doesn't want to be reminded she IS "eating out of control". Her avoidance denies the very support and encouragement that would help her get back on track.

Mattie - Mattie just doesn't feel good. She's not got a serious illness or disease she just has a sniffly cold or a headache. That happens in life and when we aren't feeling our best we tend to want to just skip exercise and eat comfort food. This is when we need to PUSH THROUGH and continue to eat well, hydrate and at least "move" a little. Maybe we exchange our 5 mile run for a 2 mile walk or our Zumba class for a DVD at home but we won't have 365 days of feeling great and we can't afford to just blow off the days we don't if we want to make sustained progress.

George - George is the excuse man. He's got an excuse for everything. I had to eat pizza for lunch because my wife forgot to pack my salad. I had to skip the gym because that road had construction and I would have had to drive 3 miles out of the way. I didn't track my calories because I deleted my app on my phone. I couldn't log into the team because I had a morning meeting with my boss. It's always something and yet he find time to play pinball with his neighbor, he manages to download the latest game on his iphone and he drove 7 miles out of his way to get Cold Stone Creamery.

Geraldine - Geraldine blames everyone else. Her captain didn't send her a personal reminder to weigh in. Her husband didn't buy her the low-fat yogurt. Her next door neighbor didn't go for a walk with her. Her grocery store stopped carrying the 35 calorie bread. It's all someone else's fault.

Andrea - Andrea is a binge eater. She will go to the store and buy a bag of powdered doughnuts and they are gone by supper. She may only eat 500 calories the rest of the day but no matter - she went over her calories on those doughnuts alone. She thinks she is undoing the damage but she is STILL way over for the day.

Tamara - Tamara is a quitter. Anything that is too hard she quits. She joins dozens of spark teams, has joined many gym classes, bought countless diet books but the minute it's hard or not convenient or she has a bad weigh-in she quits.

IS ONE OF THESE YOU? What are you going to do TODAY to change the direction of your journey? Make a positive step forward and remember that the benefits are concrete. BETTER HEALTH.

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