June Goals

Sunday, June 01, 2014

A new month! And the beginning of summer, my favorite season! emoticon

I am so excited to start this month out strong and really make some progress!
My goals will include:

-Beat May fitness minutes and steps, of course... and Try to beat JECKIE in fitness minutes! emoticon

-Super careful meal and snack planning so that I don't waste any produce (oops) and I meet my macros every day!

-Continue to track religiously, and measure. I've actually been MEASURING, after eyeballing for years. A cup of pasta is so small.

-Work on keeping those carbs down under 150 or under 100 ideally

-Schedule in my fitness throughout the week even if I get a job (I think I'm accepting a contract next week to help a company in the short term while I keep looking!)

-Body Pump at least once a week!

-Get the steps up closer to 15K average per day

-Keep up the great Primal and workout streak I'm on... today will be day 7!

I am hoping that this is the month that I either drop into the 120s or see some serious changes in my measurements or the appearance of my legs and belly, where I am still carrying FAR too much pudge.

I do see a lot of muscle in my legs now, and my ankles are properly thin instead of bloated like they used to be, but my body fat percentage must still be pretty high. Man, I would really love to get it tested accurately...

Today marks over 40 days smoke-free, so that's something to be proud of, and I can definitely see the difference in my cardiovascular; I set my StairMaster to 9 and it felt similar to how a 6 used to feel. emoticon

I am feeling SUPER POSITIVE after a scary depressive and anxious week post-quitting the gym... with no direction or purpose I started to freak out. Then some promising things happened, and I got my butt back into the gym and stopped pigging out just because I was sad, and lo and behold I feel 900x better.

Keep up the great work everyone!

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