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Sunday, June 01, 2014


are elements that are NOT enough in order to achieve a healthy balance in one's life.


The final piece in the puzzle to obtain a successful balance is WILLINGNESS.

To me...that is MORE powerful of a realization in how I carry myself to go forth.

Some may ask the question are you in or out?

Most would say....IN.....then realize they really want out. They are not WILLING to do so after all......even though they may WANT too.

The other night, my friend Susie and I talked at great lengths. She had just gotten back from a Mexican restaurant with people she works with. Her office manager has quite a bit of weight to lose. She has lost 25 with probably 75+ to go. She didn't balk at going to the place of eatery. She ordered grilled chicken and asked that her vegetables be grilled as well and NOT cooked in butter. Her meal arrived......and she asked the veggies be sent back......for they did in fact cook them the way she asked for them NOT to be.

Susie was in awe. She admitted that she would have just eaten the veggies and thought well.....I asked.....didn't least they are veggies.

The woman knew her plan.....knows her goals...and what to do to get there and wasn't settling for less. She had no qualms in standing up for her food plan. She wasn't going to compromise.

Compromise. I do that. I do that probably too much and somehow feel I can make up for it later....and.....rationalize that ....I COUNTED IT. I TRACKED IT. Sometimes I compromise with a smaller portion....and feel cheated that if it was done the way I wished it to be...I could have had more instead of this chincy version. really go forth.....really be COUNTED what I want......

and what do I want?

Clean....healthy version of REAL more processed man made chemically induced foods that i have no idea how to pronounce or attempt to spell. I cannot imagine what it does to my body as they make profits in the NAME OF MY HEALTH.

Compromise just doesn't start or end is never ending. My husband and I disagree when it comes to cooking. In his family, the men cook. My husband does not share my new passion that is involving to a cleaner way of making food...the products I buy.

It took THREE YEARS for me to finally realize.....I CAN MAKE MY OWN. He has HIS version...I have MINE. The trains don't met, but I have not compromised my WILLINGNESS to be IN as opposed to OUT.

Just recently.....I tried FARRO for the first time. I made HOMEMADE tomato and FARRO soup. He was horrified. .....wanted to know what was wrong with tomato soup out of a can! Wanted to know why I didn't want the REAL thing? So...he made his soup from a can.


Our definitions of REAL thing vastly differ.

Our grocery bill is slightly higher.....his/hers food which are similar in name, but not how prepared or made.

I suppose in his eyes....I am a two headed monster with this new persona that has finally come forth from my mind to my actions.

The only way I could define it to him....

I should not have to apologize or forgo eating healthy. I won't anymore......

I am WILLING to make the FULL CHANGE...the FULL COMMITMENT for the desired results I wish to obtain.


I have found out .....


sprouted bread,,,,,,,,,,lentils......tu
rkey bacon......turkey burgers..........fat free milk.....FARRO.......cilantro and other herbs and spices as opposed to salt and pepper..........the list goes on.

I try to go organic as much as possible and feel......a deep satisfaction in doing so.

so yes.....willingness does lead to satisfaction......with no regrets......especially for myself.

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  • SUNSHINE5268
    2412 days ago
    Keep being true to yourself - always!!

    I am very lucky as my hubby will eat any/everything that I cook for him-except Liver.

    We food shop together and he surprises me sometimes with different fruits/veggies etc.. he puts in the cart & I come up with recipes to make them.

    2431 days ago
    My hubby is a picky eater, too, but he doesn't see food from a can as "real food" anymore. There is an old cookbook called the "White Trash Cookbook" that is pretty funny. It's the way he used to like to eat, and made the food of his youth look silly enough that I could improve without his objections.
    2432 days ago
    Yay You! Too bad Hubby will not buy into the new way of eating for you.... Would be nice to have the man cooking all that healthy, good stuff! I applaud you!
    2432 days ago
    Eating healthy at home is cheaper than eating unhealthy at restaurants. You are on a good path.
    2432 days ago
    Awesome blog Mary. You talked about Anna in the blog, my sales manager. We went to a mexican restaurant where what she asked for was not on the menu at all! She truly inspired me to be faithful to myself and to my plan. She is on a mission and nothing will stop her!
    2432 days ago
    so true "keep on keeping on." emoticon
    2432 days ago
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