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Aaarghhh! and Conviction

Saturday, May 31, 2014

So, I read on one of the threads that Spark is eliminating the Planner. A number of Sparkers are up in arms about this. If your are someone who uses that Spark feature, you may want to save the information you have there to another place, just in case Spark does go through with the change.

I have to admit that I've seldom used the Planner, Journal or Calendar features myself. I had a couple of fellow Sparkers' birthdays saved, so I transferred those to my wall calendar. And I had a few journal entries, but it seemed unnecessary to use that feature when I can just post in my Spark blog.

BUT, I did save this one post! I'm almost embarrassed to post it, because I've been struggling with these issues for long. (If you want to see the post date, scroll to the bottom.) I refuse to kick myself around about this, but instead accept it as a reminder of my weakness in this area. And ask the Lord to be my strength in overcoming it!

Here's the Post:

I've actually gotten 7 or more hours of sleep for the past three nights. I hope this is the beginning of a nice long streak! I've got to stop making excuses. In the evening, I'm tired but often push myself to do "one more thing" as if I don't feel I've done enough during the day to "earn" my rest.

"Benefits" of not getting enough sleep:

I have an excuse for not doing my best at work.
I have an excuse for forgetting things or misplacing things.
I have an excuse for avoiding housework and decluttering projects, for not dealing with thorny financial matters, for generally behaving like an ostrich when it comes to the difficulties of life.

These "benefits" came home to me" came to light this past week when I got caught on the U-bahn with my ticket unpunched. (Note: the German trains and subways generally operate on an honor system. But if you get caught riding without a ticker, the fines can be very hefty!) I had forgotten. "I was TIRED" was my excuse to myself for forgetting to punch it when I got on the train. Fortunately, this had never happened before so I didn't have to pay the fine of 40 euros, only 10. But 10 euros is still a lot of money! Now, I might have forgotten to punch the ticket anyway - even if I hadn't been "tired" - but I want to stop using this as an excuse.

By not getting enough sleep - something I'm fully capable of controlling most of the time! - I'm just adding more stress to a life that is stressful enough. I want to drop out of the "my life is more stressful than yours" competition for good!

Benefits of enough sleep:

My skin looks better.
I don't forget to do things, or misplace things as often.
I have more energy.
My body has a chance to regenerate.
My mind has a chance to process the day's thoughts and activities, and is more capable of the high quality thinking that Romans 12:2 calls me to.


Did you see that? Almost 7 years ago!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I completely missed that they were getting rid of the planner etc.... I hope I didn't lose anything. I don't journal on sparks usually--I prefer paper journals. I did notice that they changed the fitness tracker page... not sure I like the changes.

    Sleep is something so many of us struggle with, myself included. This last year was especially bad--the last push for grad school had me getting only 4-5 hours most nights at best, and I don't operate well unless I'm getting 8-9. I think the other people commenting have a good point--in general in this society, we are rewarded for being able to function on less sleep--rewarded professionally because we can work longer hours, rewarded personally because that's the only way we can fit in everything we want/need to do in a day, rewarded socially because we can work and still have time to party etc. For me, I struggle with sleep 1) because for the better part of the last 20 years school has eaten most of my time, 2) because I have issues with insomnia (largely stress related, at a guess), and 3) pain. Anyway, point is, I can sympathize--and it's something I've been struggling with since I was in high school at least, so I understand the frustration of this being an ongoing, chronic problem.
    1410 days ago
    It seems to be popular to brag about how little sleep we get and how busy we all are. Good for you for not letting that kind of mindset dominate your life.

    I am a sleeper, I am useless without at least 7 hours and learned that years ago. I try to go to bed at night and get my sleep otherwise I am intolerable (just ask my husband who has to put up with my sleepy crankiness!)

    1420 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    Sleep is important, but it is something that society in general seems to think we don't need. We need to finish this or that. Those who work longer, get less sleep are celebrated with higher pay checks and better offices.

    Society doesn't see the toll the lack of sleep takes, until someone falls asleep at the wheel or forgets something important... but then after the crisis is over they still celebrate those who don't seem to need sleep.

    So this is something I've been struggling with for over 7 years. I know part of it is pain related, but there are things I can do, I just need to give it the priority it deserves.

    Good luck!
    1420 days ago
  • RURAL3
    oops This too is a new beginning
    1421 days ago
  • CIPHER1971
    Sleep is so important, and worthy of all the focus you want to spend on it

    Have a great day
    1421 days ago
    Another benefit of getting enough sleep is that it is easier to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Unhealthy sleep patterns disrupt the hormones that control weight.
    1422 days ago
    I have not used the planner or journal features, but you are right - if you do, you should be aware it is happening!
    1422 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    aw man I use the journal thanks
    1422 days ago
    Nothing like"accountability"!Hope you start sleeping much better. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1422 days ago
    emoticon Sleep is so important, and so many of us have trouble getting our 8 hours. emoticon
    1422 days ago
    Boy - they're sure making a lot of changes these days, eh? I don't use any of those features, so this won't really impact me - but there sure have been a few "tweaks" that have riled folks........
    1422 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Progress not perfection! emoticon
    1422 days ago
  • JAROL7
    I mostly use the SP Nutrition Tracker. It's great!
    1422 days ago
    Great blog. Sleep is so very important. Make sure you always get enough.
    1422 days ago
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