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Friday, May 30, 2014

I am getting to be a weight watcher meeting pro. There are certain topics I just happen to LOVE. I do. I look forward to them, listen intently and openly. I am totally amazed how my feelings/views have changed since the last time the topic matter was covered. This past Thursday was no exception.

ANCHORS. We went over what OUR anchors are on this road of healthy living. Lisa does an outstanding job with her guidance as she draws out what we as individuals use.

I have to admit. My anchors has changed over these past three years. In the beginning it was indeed my tracker with fun stickers. The better my day.....the more stickers I used to HIGHLIGHT my accomplishments.

In time....I needed more....something different....something more challenging as a reminder of WHAT I was suppose to do as opposed what I was doing. SO....I started to wear a bracelet......on the hand I use to eat with!

As more time went by, I realized that I needed FRIENDS as my anchor along with my meetings............

At our meeting yesterday, a woman who recently made lifetime status shared her concerns with a fragile moment. Her anchors were not her family. She attended a family gathering over Memorial Day Weekend. Many made the comment to her that she was too thin and she looked ....unhealthy. Her weight loss made her look OLD in her face and neck. It bothered still did as she was showing us all her face and neck in different positions.....asking us all if she did indeed look older.

SHE DIDN'T. She looked FAB in fact. Other members gasped.....and said NO....and exclaimed they had NO right to say that...and they were wrong.

I was COMPELLED to say something to her. I told her that these people had to JUSTIFY their eating by putting her down. It wasn't true.

IT WASN'T does one get over that?

I don't know this member well enough.......for I wanted to say more....but I refrained. I did. Sometimes you don't know how someone is going to reaction with your insights....opinions....especi
ally in something as personal as weight loss. One may laugh with your facebook status, but in REAL life, they are not always so I kept the rest of what I thought to myself.

Me....personally......I would have said.........."YES....I probably DO look older...because I am older.....time does that." It would have stopped those naysayers right in their tracks. You cannot argue with such a statement. You.....just cannot. In essence, you agreed with them so what more can they say?

I am a PRO when it comes to that. I am. Unfortunately, I have had practice and experience when it comes to others putting you down in order for them to feel better about themselves. I usually agree with them ...for in some ways...there is TRUTH to what is said...whether it should have been spoken or not.

This past husband's brother was cruel to me. He was. My husband keeps saying I should not hold it against him for he had been drinking. HELLO? That is when people really SAY what they mean and feel. I defused the situation..........

by saying........

Thank you for pointing out my short comings.

He stopped dead in his tracks.....and the conversation ended. He did say ....I LOVE YOU.

I ...on the other hand, did NOT say it back ....for I certainly don't love him.....or like him for that matter.


The WHOLE point I am trying to make......

in time.....

my anchors have changed from trinkets......trackers.....mee


I AM MY OWN ANCHOR. I am. The other substances......are just materials to FORM my anchor...but ...the end result.....IS ME.

So when Lisa passed out a piece of paper with an anchor on it......I was grateful and smiled. I immediately tucked it in a safe place till I could get it home.

It proudly is displayed on my frig for me to a reminder.....

how important MY ANCHOR has FINALLY me.....

and that is ME.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Just goes to show how you have grown, learned & matured. For you have grown and you were not cruel when you could have been. I have always agreed with the saying " treat others as you would want to be treated". You are indeed blessed to be at the stage you are in your journey to health.
    2431 days ago
    There are many perspective in life - I've seen people who have lost weight and thought they were too thin - I didn't say it to them, but what if that person was involved in unhealthy weight loss and my saying what I thought may have made a difference. So it could be people are uncomfortable, it could be they are concerned, they are being honest.
    2433 days ago
    I took a page from my late MIL, a lovely southern lady who would never say anything rude. When someone said something rude to her, she would just say "That's nice." It's the perfect non-response.

    And I have to comment on Holdingmyown's comment. She can buy new Dolly Parton boobs the same way Dolly did.
    2433 days ago
    I feel bad for your friend at the WW's meeting~~ People can be so cruel can't they?

    I still go back to my sense of humour at times like that~~
    When I had lost all my weight back in 2010/2011....I had a family member make me a similar comment.....
    I said to her....
    NOT only is all the fat sagging on my neck & face!! Even my boobs are wrinkled and falling south fast!! I told my husband that it is not fair to lose weight and feel so good & healthy and LOSE my Dolly Parton boobs as well!!! emoticon

    MY SIL....just sat there with her mouth open! emoticon
    2434 days ago
    I am so happy for you! You probably never imagined that your health and weight loss journey would not only make you physically stronger, but emotionally stronger too! I am thrilled for you and look forward to reaching a similar point in my own journey! Thanks for sharing!! You inspire me regularly!
    2434 days ago
    I'm so sorry that I had to miss this weeks meeting.
    I wanted that weekly on anchors. Maybe I can get it from my sister Patty. I am going with her to her meeting next week.
    2434 days ago
    Hooray! Awesome awesome awesome!
    2434 days ago
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