Opps, my life got in the way!

Friday, May 30, 2014

I am writing this blog to get my team 5 extra LTGL pts. I just signed up to be a determined daisy again hoping my drop of excitement didn't hinder my chances. When I started the challenge I was so gung ho! I had lost over 15 pds since Jan 1st and was on the way down w/the numbers. I was on fire... Then.....

My 2nd daughter went back to work and left me with the caretaking of my youngest gdaughter 3 mos old. My youngest gson started walking and my nighttime babysitting got more intense. My other 2 gkids nanny moved 0ut and I got them up to 5 nights a wk, they are 7 & 13, And my oldest gdaughter started wanting me to pick her up more days from school. It used to be one, now it's up to 3. I love all these changes, they are just so time consuming.

I used to spark when Hubs and I watched tv at night together, now I usually have a gbaby snuggled up next to me. I just can't seem to put the babys or hubs aside to do my usual sparking. It's changed who I am, what i do,and how I feel about myself.

When I have an extra moment alone now, i am back to eating my cheetos or crackers and butter. *yum. I am savoring candybars instead of my sparks. My body is puffing up again, and I just don't like it. It's time to refocus on ME again.

Just 15 min aday! They can all watch cartoons or live w/o gma for that amt of time. I can do this! If I don't I will not be happy w/myself, which in turn will not only teach them that gma is a grouch, but she doesn't take care of herself. I will be a poor rolemodel. The babys might not see it but the big ones will. The big ones can help me take care of the little ones if needed. It will be good for all.

Time to refocus, realize this is my new life, and truthfully it is full of mini joys. I am very blessed to be surrounded by all my gkids, now I just have to show them gma has gumption and determination. We will all be better for it!

My time for settling in and accepting my new role is over. I am one strong gma, and am gonna do my sparking the way I know it works. 15 min a day is not to much for me to invest in me and shine.

I just signed up for the summer challenge, I hope they accept me, I promise to do my best sparking at least 15 min a day!
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