Low-Carb Plan Day 1 - a complete turnaround

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have been reading a very interesting book called "Why We Get Fat and What to Do About it". I've not quite finished it yet but I'm almost there. Having read a lot of the reviews on Amazon I was quite amazed by the successes reported by readers of this book so I decided that what I have been doing for the last year/forever is not working and that this could well be the big change up that I need.

I will not go into the details of the book, as it doesn't really matter for my blog - all you need to know is that I am reading it, it appears to relate to my weight loss issues and I am going to try it.

This is a total 180 from my previous plan of being 80-90% vegan. I have been trying to lose weight for about 18 months being 80-90% vegan with zero success. I know, I am not eating as I should but it's hard, really hard.

I am confident the research presented by the author, Gary Taubes, relates to the issues I face and I am willing to give this my best shot. I still believe a lot of the information and research presented by the vegan movement and once I am at my goal weight, I will return to being 80-90% vegan again - with modifications on what I have been doing up to now.

Here is my food diary for breakfast and lunch today. I am not sure what we will do for dinner as we are picking up our new car after work (our old one was given a DNR following the last repair quote).

2 large eggs, 1 oz cheese - kind of scrambled.

Snack: 12 almonds

Lunch: 1/2 cup sugar snap peas, 6 mini carrots, 2oz hummus, 1/3 cup of cooked chicken, 2oz cheese, 1.5 oz sping mix.

I will have to go shopping to get some more low carb food in. I am going to have to cut out fruit in the short term but I have to make sure I do pick my veg correctly to keep my fiber up.

I joined the low carb Spark team, and I have also borrowed some books from the library. I am using Myfitnesspal to track my food - and monitor my carbs. The book suggests that exercise may be hard initially so I'm going to stick with swimming and walking and take it from there. I need to keep moving otherwise my body starts aching more.

My feelings and emotions about day 1: I'm excited, I'm happy to try something new but I am nervous that I won't see the results others have seen. I need to stick to the plan! On Friday I have a big dinner party and dance so I will be off plan that evening as there will be drinks. I will do my best to eat mostly on plan for the dinner but this night was planned a long time ago. Hopefully one night will not throw me off track.

Day 1 weigh in: 191.8lbs.

I'm also excited as we are picking up our new car tonight!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like you have a good plan set up for yourself. Good luck with it.
    2537 days ago
  • LIS193
    It is a great plan and even if your results are different from the testimonials, any progress is good! Don't compare yourself with others, we all lose at different rates.
    2538 days ago
    Gary Taubes has done us all a great service by researching the subject so thoroughly. There are a lot of other great books and videos I've found by checking out who else he's been seen with, lol!

    A really good, free primer in basic low carb is at About.com. Here's a link:


    You can definitely do a modified vegan low carb program, but it's rather challenging. The more you read, the better your chances of success.
    2538 days ago
    Looks like a great plan to me. I need to work on cutting out bread, potatoes, and pasta.
    2538 days ago
    I haven't read that book, but I listened to some lectures from Taubes last year. He has some interesting stuff to say. I think you have a good plan. If what you have been doing isn't working, then trying something new is a good idea. You meal plan today looks incredibly healthy!
    2538 days ago
    emoticon this temporary change may shake things up for your body.
    I can say when I'm too low on carbs, I crash and burn in exercise. I also get very dizzy. Listen to your body.

    emoticon on the new car.
    2539 days ago
    A change is never a bad thing, Abi. I haven't heard of the book that you mentioned but it sounds interesting. I love how I feel when I eat vegan but I cannot do it all the time. I was thinking of looking at the Vegan before 6 program.
    Hope the change gives you what you want.
    2539 days ago
  • TINA8605
    May I please suggest The Complete Book of Food Counts by Corinne T Netzer. This book is not a diet or has any recipes. It only gives food counts: Calories, protein, carbs, fat, chol, sod, and fiber. I love just opening this book on any random page to read about other options I wasn't aware of or thought about. It also gives the info we need to know...fast food, restaurant food, desserts we enjoy...etc.

    2539 days ago
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