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Preparedness vs Negativity

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am listening to lectures about critical decision making from a business professor. He speaks of hashing out plans, of trying to anticipate every possible failure or problem in advance. He cites business plans for new products, plans by generals going into battle, plans for ascending Everest. In all cases people get together to brainstorm, to try to figure out in advance anything that could possibly go wrong, possible problems they may encounter no matter how absurd it may sound, and prepare in advance for those possibilities. Most of their possible problems will not come to pass, and some unanticipated problems may arise, but they think it through up front so they can eliminate as many unwelcome surprises as possible.

Yet when people talk about weight loss plans, any mention of possible pitfalls is considered "negative thinking", that even considering those problems will cause them to come to pass. They think that all they need is a Positive Attitude and the rest will fall in line. That isn't true in any type of endeavor, why would it be with weight loss?

I never walk into a grocery store without a plan. I go to parties with a plan, and mental options to handle all the possible hurdles that may occur. Some people plan their routes to avoid the Dunkin Donuts (few Dunkin Donuts stores appear overnight). I plan my meals in advance so that I am never standing in the kitchen wondering what to eat or feed my husband. I don't do well in that situation.

For me, food surprises are not welcome. I may not handle them well. I doubt people who have always handled food surprises well will find themselves needing Spark.

Thinking about possible failure isn't being negative, it doesn't mean that you will fail. It means that you are always aware of the lurking dangers out there and planning ways to deal with those dangers if they appear.

There is an old saying that says "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Those plans need to include the possibilities that things don't always go as planned, but you will only know how to handle those situations if you give it advance thought. That is not being Negative, it's being Prepared.
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