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Monday, May 26, 2014

I started to do this late last night and got too tired and lost the whole thing. Sometimes I forget day what we are even on because we've seen so much and also because of the time change here. Going back be will get home about midnight because we move ahead 3 hours just to CA.

Before I do anything, I have to show you some chickens for the day ha ha. We are at a park called Nawiliwili Park in this picture and go to a little shopping center next to it where there are tons of wild chickens! It is also right next to the a harbor and an ocean.

And of course there are signs all over not to feed the birds and other wildlife that half the people don't pay attention to.

And of course we also saw multiple different places for Zipline tours, including one that offered two people for the price of one. Both of us offered to photograph the other but neither of us wanted to get on zipline! I would love to learn to kayak too, also which has multiple places for tours and equipment, but since my balance is so of and I've never learned how to do it I'm not about to dump myself or someone else now! So we opted out of those two and the helicopter tours. Those are much more expensive than we want to spend, so we'll just keep ourselves busy seeing all the other things we can see and do without spending a ton of money. And believe me, there are lots of things to do that cost less than these types of activities, especially the helicopters. At least as far as cheap me is concerned. If we had nothing else to do then maybe.

Here are a couple of shots of the harbor before it goes out to sea by that park.

Then we drove up in the mountain to look down on Menehune FIshpond, which is down below us when we get to the viewipoint. Legend says the small magical men built it in a night.

My crazy friend Lynda having a great time at the viewing station

There is the pond below with a river flowing in from one end and out the other end.

And lots of the red clay on the hillside around it. That red clay is everywhere and when it gets wet is slippery and really sticks to you.

We did get quite a bit of rain that day and the day before. So we poked around in a lot of shops, ate pancakes and an omelet one place, and were tired and went back to the condo about 3:30. Bison burgers and salad at the condo for dinner which was so good. It was pretty good this morning but rained some this afternoon too, which I haven't posted yet. But here is yesterday's anyway. More tomorrow. Going across the street for a little while before the sun goes down now to watch the guys surfing.

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