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Hello Sparkland, yes it is me the Nimsy. About the 1st surgery. Part 1

Sunday, May 25, 2014

First of all I want to thank my little sister whithout whom I dought I would be doing so well throughout this pre-surgery, I had so many meltdowns because I was terrified I was going to die during the first surgery. -Seven- my cuppie cake knew just what was going on and would talk me through it. SEVEN your the emoticon and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now for those of you that have texted me, called me and sent cards UR GR8. Marty you are another sister to me and your calls to talk to Nick just mean the world to him and to me. To the Moon, Tink. Alicia once again it is so wonderful to have an older sister, you make the sun come up in the mornings and the moon send off sparkles each evening. I love you gal.

My first back surgery was on March 12th. For this surgery my Dr and another DR worked together. They made a 10 inch incession below my belly button and the 2nd dr went in and moved all of my organs out of the way and tacked them down. Then my Dr went in and cracked the 3 bottom vertebrea apart and then teplace the disk whith dish he made from bone marrow he extracted from my right hip. after this was done the other dr put my organs back where they belong and off to recovery I went. By Friday they thought that I needed to be transfered to HealthSouth Fayetteville Center until the next surgery.
I knew that was a problem when I woke up after the ambulance ride in a room that looked just like a room in a nursing home. Cto find out I had been taken to Fayetteville Health and Reabilitation Center aka NURSING HOME. Well Nick arrived and we tried to get the nurse over my case but because it was already 5:30 we just kept getting the run around.
Well come Monday when a girl came to get me up into a wheel chair and then to step onto a scale.....................I kept telling her she could not do it alone and besides I could not use my right leg at all.....................well she thought she knew better and when she stood me up and moved the wheel chair BOOM down I went all 200+ pounds of me on to my knees. I managed to get my right leg out from under me and finally she got help to get me back up in the wheel chair...................back to my room.............I called my case worker and told her to call Robin at Dr Blankenships office and get me to the right place. THE AMBULANCE WAS THERE IN ABOUT 20 MINUTES and I as on my way back to the hospital. Of course they checked me over and made sure I as ready for the next surgery which was the next day.

Okay keep posted as I will log back on tomorrow or the next day and continue this saga.

It only gets better and better after this part.

Love, hugs and bucket fulls of blessings,

The Nimsy
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