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the Dishwasher Workout

Sunday, May 25, 2014

I have moved into this new place. Fairly nice, kinda cute really, but you can tell it has been used, a whole lot, with out being proper care. I will give you a for instance. I have used the dish washer a couple times, only to be disappointed with how horrible of a job it does. So me and my bright ideas.... I decided to clean the dishwasher. I knew it must be all clogged up or something or it would actually leave the dishes cleaner then they were when I put them in there..... right??? Well, after doing some research on the internet, I found some helpful hints that I used right away. Sadly they didn't really help much. So being the determined person that I am...... I decided that I must conquer the dishwasher dilemma. I commenced to taking the inside of the dishwasher apart...................... oh HOLY COW. Its not that this was a terribly hard job, but the disgusting nasty yuck that was down there was horrifying. I used dishes that came out of this dishwasher, and I called them clean enough(notice I didn't say clean, I said clean enough). After I got my face to quit making horrible squished up goofy faces, I took each part out and cleaned off the horrible build up of grease, bacteria of all colors, and so much lime, calcium and sand build up that I may have created a beach at the end of a drain tube somewhere. This process took me nearly 4 hours!! then as was previously recommended to do a "normal" cleaning, I ran the washer once with vinegar, once with baking soda and once with a Clorox rinse. I was pleasantly surprised, after a Grand total of about 8 hours, that my dishwasher actually washes dishes now!! I HAVE CONQUERED THE DISHWASHER!! I am also so sore it is incredible. I have not contorted my body to so many unnatural twisted positions in a very long time. Not only did I burn a ton of calories cleaning out the dishwasher............ I am also in a calorie deficit from being so grossed out by the horrifyingly disgusting nasty yuck that was down, that I couldn't bring myself to eat, LOL. All in all a win win win day I would say!
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