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Sightseeing around Kaua'i

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Here's some pics from yesterday when we went sightseeing around the island yesterday. We also visited several small shops here, that did not come out that good. You can't drive entirely around the island, but you can hike/walk. There is an volcano to that we will visit before we leave. We are on the southern edge. From their tourist guide it says that this island is actually the oldest of the islands of Hawaii It is also the wettest place in the world with about 440 inches a year of rainfall. We didn't have rain yesterday, but a little the day before My friend, who has been here numerous times, says you just stand under a tree or get out of the rain briefly, then it will end and you go on about whatever business, whether it's hiking or swimming or whatever because the rain will go away at least for a while. It doesn't interrupt you all day and you learn to ignore it. Temps usually range from upper 70's in January to mid 80's in August and most of the time there are nice trade winds to make it feel good. So there is no winter or off time really. Animals tend to breed 12 months of the year, instead of in the mainline states only part of the year. Total land mass is 552 square miles, so it's not too large, and the population of residents is about 68,434 in 2012. The altitude ranges from sea level, of course, to the •Highest Point: Kawaikini Peak (5,243 feet). So there is some fun facts for today.

One things there is a lot of is free roaming roosters and chickens. They are literally everywhere you go. There are also a lot of feral cats, which are hiding from me, but I've seen and enjoyed the roosters and their families.

I love how they come in different colors.

This hen has her babies with her.

This is the beach right across the little street from where we are staying.

We walked along the area, including some areas along the beach where there were houses so we couldn't see it completely all the time but would have breaks between a few houses where we could. We walked up to this little park that is near the end of where it's easy to walk.

The water would run up in little waves and have this effect the way it ran up the rocks. It would make smaller ones, then it would usually do 3 bigger ones like this in a row, and then a few smaller ones again and back and forth.

Here is a beautiful waterfall we saw in one pullover area. Unfortunately I don't know the names of them right now.

And then a completely different one in a whole different place.

I have the settings to high on m camera I think, and it's taking me way too long to upload so I'l stop for now. We have things to do today too that I hope to have to show you.

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