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I was sent to the principal's office!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Well the school year is winding down and we are all stressed and ready for it to be over. the kids are ready to move on, the parents and so am I. I have had a great year with most of my 4th graders and I just love the age group. emoticon
However, yesterday my principal called down to his office-which I rarely visit unless there is a situation- emoticon
So I am thinking what did I do or not do? What parent complained about me? Will my contract be renewed? etc. etc.
Well after he sat me down told me what a great teacher I am and a strong influence to the kids emoticon m emoticon he wants to demote me!!! emoticon He wants me to think about taking the 2nd grade position because of how good I am with the kids and that he needs a teacher like me there. Well he did tell me to think about it and let him know. so I was happy to hear these comments but now I am torn. emoticon emoticon
I love my 4th grade and I am so comfortable, have so many new plans for hem for next year! I would need to start fresh with 2nd grade and they are still so young!! Help I need some guidance!!! Anything to shed some light on this will be appreciated!! emoticon Thanks for your help!
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  • PCOH051610
    Go with your gut feeling?! I'm so glad to hear that you are a valued teacher emoticon
    1877 days ago
    The Principle gave you a nice compliment. I love 6/7 yr olds. They still are innocent, and full of wonder. Just think what a great influence you can have on them, or at least most of them. You have to go with how your heart feels, but give it good thought.
    1879 days ago
    i am sure you will be guided in your decision....
    You are obviously an awesome teacher and I see this as a real compliment to you
    1879 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    That is a big decision to make. The difference between 4th and 2nd graders is huge. In the end though, whichever way you go will be right.
    1879 days ago
    I cried when my principal moved me to 2nd grade. I loved 3rd grade and did not want to leave. But after 2 years in 2nd grade, I cried when he moved me back to 3rd. No matter which grade you teach, you can have a huge impact on your students. You will become attached to your kids and they become dear to your heart regardless of their ages and abilities. It does seem to be a big decision - but apparently your principal has great faith in your abilities, So no matter what you choose you will succeed. Good luck!!!!!
    1880 days ago
    You definately have a decision to make! Were do you think you would make the most difference? What would be less stress on you? I know you will find what will work for you

    1880 days ago
  • ANDI_3K
    Stick with the 4th graders, that is where kids start loosing interest and with a teacher who is strong, kind and dedicated many can be kept excited about learning.
    1881 days ago
    Wow - talk about conflicting comments/offers/issues.

    Ultimately, you need to be where you are happy and love going to work. Dealing with second graders will be very different in terms of reading klevels, math levels, social skills and as mentioned byEjoy-Evelyn, attention span - just to mention a few things.

    You can have a huge impact on your students at either grade level, but 2nd grade is going to deal more with basic skills while 4th grade is expanding into more thinking and processing skills. Where do you feel best? What makes you excited to put together lesson plans? What aspects will make you want to get up and go to school each morning? If you are unhappy with what you are doing, that is a HUGE down side aspect.

    I agree on the PRO / CON list concept. You know yourself and what you find satisfying in your work better than anyone else. You look at the plus and minus sides of what you have and what is being offered as honestly and objectively as you can. That will probably give you a good idea what will work for you and keep you a happy employee/teacher.

    1881 days ago
    I would think that these are substantially different curricula . . . And reworking for a different age group is either wonderfully challenging or not. While only you (and God) know, I pray that this decision comes relatively easy for you.
    1882 days ago
    Wow...a double edged good and yet so...not bad...just different.

    I'd say do some soul searching and follow your heart. When I get torn over things I actually pull out a piece of paper and write the Pros and Cons in columns and do a comparison. If I come up with more pros than cons I do it! But I also really listen to my inner will never steer you wrong.

    If you feel that you are making more of a contribution with your fourth graders stay put.

    But if you feel a yearning to have an impact on kids of a younger age do that instead. Have you been around 2nd graders much to know how they interact with each other and take direction? That would be the hardest part for me...just wondering what their capabilities really are.

    I do remember when I was 9 years old..I truly thought at that age that I had figured out the world and pretty much knew everything that went on in it...yeah...I did! emoticon

    Before that age I don't really remember thinking about much of anything except what was for lunch... emoticon

    Whatever choice you make...make sure it works for YOU...I've heard that younger kids are harder to hold their attention...but then again they are still sweet and innocent at that age too which is appealing. They aren't completely helpless like kindergartners.

    Oh...idea emoticon one of Josher's good friends is a elementary school teacher I'll ask Lisa Marie what grade she teaches...she may have better insight. I'll contact her on Facebook and get back to you. emoticon
    1882 days ago
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