wednesday--GREAT cooking class!!!! (and a recipe)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

hi everyone! we had so much fun at the cooking class last night! the menu was Spanish food, which I knew nothing about. the class was completely full--every seat taken and chef brad and his assistant jordi (a simply adorable high school senior who originally hailed from England) were so entertaining and instructive. we had scallops with green sauce, mushrooms in garlic sauce, tortilla (which is the Spanish version of frittata) with potatoes and chocolate flan.
I didn't try the mushrooms--can't eat the little devils--they make me sick--but rob ate everything and loved it all. I want to pass on the recipe for the green sauce we made for the scallops--it really was DIVINE and you could put it on grilled chicken or pork, or any kind of nice mild fish--I also think it would be heavenly on yellowfin tuna (if we could afford it). a couple people mentioned salmon--rob wasn't sure how good that would be--and I don't eat salmon so I don't know. but this is super fast and easy and ever so pretty--and would dress up any cookout.
you need a food processor--this can also be done by hand with a knife or mortar and pestle, but it would be harder. brad used a sort of smallish processor--not one of the big giant ones.
into the processor you put 1 cup (we just tore the tops off of 2 bound bunches from his supplier--like how you buy it in the store) of parsley and cilantro. if you love cilantro, use more. if you hate it, use more parsley. there were several in the group that didn't like cilantro at all--but they all said this proportion was completely edible and tasty to them.
add 2-4 cloves of garlic--brad used 4 smallish cloves. then juice one lemon into the mix and start it processing. it takes awhile. once it starts to break down, add 1/4 c. good olive oil, 1 T. white wine vinegar and 1 tsp. honey and salt and pepper to taste. keep processing until it breaks down into a loose, wet looking sort of pesto. it is not thick like pesto and is the most beautiful deep green. to pour it over chicken that has nice grill marks and then garnish with roasted red peppers would be DA. BOMB. on a lovely white or black plate. yeah. or garnish with sliced lemon over fish.
if you wanted to do shrimp or scallops, we just sautéed a little garlic in olive oil, then added the scallops and cooked them through, with salt and pepper--then you just throw them into the green sauce. oh it was ever so yummy.
the tortilla was really good--basically just eggs and thinly sliced potato with a lot of spice--red pepper, Spanish paprika, oregano, chives. just all mixed together in a sauté pan then finished in the oven like a frittata. very simple and hearty.
and the chocolate flan--well, what can you say. not a lot of sugar, but a LOT of bittersweet chocolate. it was still warm when we ate it--and the texture was heavenly. kind of like chocolate velvet. I will probably never make the flan--but I know that green sauce is in my future!
the next class is polish food, then French, then vegan/vegetarian, and finally a class on salad dressings and sauces. that should take us into fall!
have a lovely day everybody!
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