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Day 317 on the Journey!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hello Sparkies,

I must say that today was a good day. I started the morning with my Focus T25 Ab Intervals video and I came soooo close to nailing it but I had to take a few extra rests because my abs were killing me so I didn't nail it completely!! I also did 1 more of my skipped Focus T25 Stretch videos and no real challenge there but a good workout nonetheless. Of course I also did my daily 25 push-ups and the workouts from my challenge from the Partnership Accountability to the Finish Line team which today were- 50 sit-ups, 50 crunches, 50 leg raises on each side and and a 49 second plank. An emoticon workout again. Oh also as it relates to yesterday I did do yesterday's scheduled challenge workout (46 sit-ups, 40 crunches, 40 leg raises on each side and and a 48 second plank.)after doing the Ten Minute Trainer Total Body video with Dane. Really I did the Ten Minute Trainer by myself because Dane was suffering from DOMS again. He did manage to do my challenge workouts too though.

Now on the food front. emoticon for me and a two day streak of NOT ONLY being in my calorie range but also meeting all my other nutrition goals. I'm really proud of these two days because my eating has been a bit out of whack lately.

Today also marked what I like to call setting myself up for victory. I printed the following quotes and put them up all over my bedroom so that I can constantly be reminded of what I'm working for.

First the number one reminder

Then as a deterrent, on the door which I have to open to go to the kitchen and possibly get something I shouldn't

Also directly across from my bed to remind me every time I look up

And of course for those days (which I hope will be few and far between) when I experience setbacks:

Finally above the scale my most important reminder

I also made an exercise goal board to push me during my workouts but I won't post all of those quotes now and I made a little calendar (which has it's own set of quotes) where I'll keep track of healthy streaks. I give myself one star for staying within my calorie range, 1 star for doing my workout (or having a rest day WHEN I SHOULD) and another for a new habit that I'm trying to develop namely NOT eating mindlessly in front of the T.V. or my laptop. So far today I have emoticon emoticon emoticon so YAYYYY ME!! I hope to reward myself with a nice pair of earrings or something when I get to 100 stars.

Anyway that's all for now. Thanks again for your time. emoticon emoticon
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