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Yup, That About Sums It Up

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So I was having lunch with a friend a few months ago. We were at a restaurant that was well known for it's southwest portion of the menu.

As a 23x-24x pound guy, I could easily shoot down a plate of nachos as an appetizer, and then eat both the 8oz burger and big plate of fries. As a 20x pound guy, not so much.

So I asked the waitress what some options were to sub out fries. All of them were either another version of fried potato or white rice (no brown, I asked). I thought about it.

Onions are a food that I try to eat as much of as I can, as they make it easier for me to eat less sugar when I do. They are also relatively low calorie. So I asked the waitress, "Do you guys have fajitas?". She was like, "Yes, do you want those instead of the burger." I said, "no"

My dining partner was starting to get a little bit nervous. She's one who tends to avoid conflict whenever possible.

I then said to the waitress, "I know that this is a weird request, but can I sub out the fries for a portion of the grilled onions that would come with the fajitas. I rarely feel as though I'm the first person to ask or say anything. This seemed like such a time.

This made my friend even more anxious.

The waitress got a bit nervous. She told me that they would probably charge me $2 extra for them (and gave me a reason that escapes me now). This would probably have been a deterrent for most. The waitress didn't like offering a $2 up-sell, I could tell. I told her that I would gladly pay it.

My dinner partner then in an attempt to assuage the "conflict" offered me the suggestion.....

"Can't you just get onion rings? Would that be a good option?" (They had onions in them)

At first I seriously thought that she was joking. The look on her face when I shot a quick smirk at her revealed otherwise. The "What?" from her that immediately followed didn't make the conversation less awkward.

I soldiered on and ordered the grilled onions. The waitress worked her magic and got me them for no extra charge. Instead of the 1470 calories for the 6 onion rings, I got 65 calories of onions.

Even at 30 pounds from morbid obesity, I knew that there were certain foods that just were not healthy, no matter how you slice it (or more usually fry it). Onion rings was one of them. When I eat at home I don't use salt or added sugar. I knew at restaurants that they almost always do.

I often hear in the news that Americans are completely clueless about basic good health, but until then never really truly got it. If you asked any of my group of friends from college (most of us really overweight) if onion rings are as healthy as grilled onions we could have easily given the right answer. Even if we didn't know the exact numbers. It didn't stop us from eating such foods, but we knew. Onion rings the same as grilled onions? Yup, that about sums it up.

In a way it makes me sad. It was the first time I really faced that moment where a friend didn't get why I was raising such a fuss about something health-wise. I'm a big boy so it doesn't bother me. Plus, most of my friends don't take emotional responsibility for my actions. For those who have friends who do and feel pressured not to make said friends feel uncomfortable though, wow.

That all being said, grilled onions go really well with burgers.

- TD Out!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Way to go! And thanks from me for not giving up on your attempts to eat healthier with that non confrontational pal. I'm married to one very non confrontational type of person. In public places that can be embarrassing for everyone, and although we still adore them despite their stressed out behavior, it can strangely 'strong arm' the desires of everyone around them (meaning, you totally could have bailed on your onion request JUST because of their issues!).
    And I've rambled. point: you actually got what YOU wanted to eat on the side.
    Nobody died because you broke the menu rules.
    You consumed a far healthier meal and saved calories.
    Now rinse, and repeat.

    2380 days ago
    Way to stick to what YOU WANT and make healthy choices even in an 'uncomfortable' situation!! :) That's why you've reached your goals! YOU ROCK!!
    2382 days ago
    Lol... onion rings... THEY HAVE ONIONS! It's practically a healthy veggie! :D
    2385 days ago
    Fantastic! Good thinking on your part. I'm amazed at your friend though!! Good for you for not letting her desire to not have any conflict override what you want and what was going to be healthier for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2386 days ago
    2386 days ago
    You are so right-
    so many people-
    especially young people-
    are truly clueless about healthy eating options.

    2388 days ago
    Good for you going healthy! Be proud of trying so hard.
    2388 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    IF more people ask for healthy options, maybe the manager will add special things for sides..

    I was shocked once at Culvers: I opted for the green beans instead of the french fires. IT cost $.30 more for the cheapest veggie on earth. You would think that just nuking a can of green beans instead of using freezer space, then using expensive oil, filtering supplies, gas bill,etc for spuds, they would gladly not charge for the beans..nope..
    last trip to Culvers and I talked to the store manager to tell him why,, then asked for corporate office numbers to tell THEM why my $ will be going down the road.! Along with my telling everybody I know, why.

    Stick to your guns and come out shooting, Trent!
    2388 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3992584
    You're awesome!!!!!! I'm so glad for you to sticking to your plan and choosing the better option! Great job Trent!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2388 days ago
    With you all the way, TD.
    I certainly have a few friends who don't like to be present for anything that smacks of 'making a fuss in public' but, like you, I take no notice - and it hasn't lost me a friend yet. I very often re-jig the sides offered at a restaurant - starting with 'no bun with the burger' and salad instead of chips. I often try to swap vegetables served with other protein for whatever is offered with my own choice of main - dunno if it's different in US but I can honestly say that here in the UK it's never been a problem. The main thing is to stand up for ourselves and our healthy eating projects (or even personal tastes).
    Good for you for flying the flag. emoticon emoticon
    2388 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2014 3:23:55 AM
    Yeah! Good thinking! Awesome read, thanks for sharing.
    2388 days ago
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