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Can't Help Feeling Great!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Some of you know that this is the year I've declared I will overcome my obsession with the scale. I proposed to weigh maybe twice a month, and vowed that a bad weigh-in would never again ruin a day of mine!

I can say that I have not had one bad day due to the scale this year, even though I have had times I was concerned by the number.

And in November of last year I decided to see if I could maintain my weight while not tracking all of my food.

Well, after tracking almost every bite starting in 2008, I have tracked very little since November 2013. I even went a whole month without tracking my food at all. I was delighted that when I knew my weight was up a bit, I was able to adjust my eating without tracking.

I have found, though, when I'm not tracking my food, I do need to weigh about weekly to get the feedback I need to eat the right amount. Maybe later I can go to twice a month weighing, but for the rest of this year, I'm not going to worry if I want to weigh weekly.

As I tried to become more and more intuitive in my eating, very mindful without weighing and measuring portions, and listening to my body as much as I could, I decided to change my center goal weight from 126 to 132 pounds. 132 just seemed like a comfortable body weight to carry around without a lot of uncomfortable hunger. And let's face it, at age 65 -- in 3 weeks -- perhaps vanity is not as important as it once was. (Some people think I'm pretty cute at 132 anyway!)

No, I haven't let a weigh-in ruin a day in 2014, but I just can't help but feel great when I see that middle "2" on the scale that was there today! I don't believe it will ever be really easy for me, but 5 years and two months after losing 80+ pounds, I can say for the last 6 month it has been easier.

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