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WEC: Know Your Numbers

Friday, May 16, 2014

As part of the Azure team weekend challenge, we had a list of numbers we were to check. I don't have to post the numbers to get full points, but I am going to as an easy way to find them to check my progress throughout this BLC round.

Morning Heart Rate: 63 (I was very pleased with this number.)
Blood Pressure: 119/75 (I was okay with this but it's slightly higher than my norm. I check my blood pressure a few times a week.)
BMI: 28.6 (Not a surprise, but can't wait to get out of the overweight range.)
Target Heart Rate:
55% 118 60% 123 65% 128 70% 133 75% 138 80% 143 (This was a surprise because I've always gone by the 220-age times % of 65-85% and with that my target rate is 106-138. It's not a big difference, but I wasn't aware of the other method.)
Hip to Waist Ratio: 85% (Not a big surprise as I carry my weight in my stomach.)
Measurements: Waist 34 Hips 40 Bust 40 R Thigh 21.5 R Calf 14.5 Bicep 11 L Thigh 21 L calf 14.5 L Bicep 11

My measurements weren't a surprise as I took them on April 15 after returning home from a long trip and having gained some weight. Since that time, I have lost an inch each on my bust, thighs, and hips, 2.5 inches on my waist, and 3 inches from my stomach.

I am most proud of the blood pressure and pulse numbers because I had a major issue with blood pressure my whole life. Even when I was 19 and slim, I had high blood pressure. Now it is routinely in a healthy range. The biggest factor here is watching my sodium intake, which I keep around 1500 mg each day. Regular exercise has also helped. I think today is slightly higher than usual because we had more sodium than normal 2 days ago and I took yesterday off of exercise. Still, I am happy with the reading.

I know I'm on the right path now, so I just want to continue what I am doing. I would like to see more inches off my mid-section by the end of the round. I am upping my walking and ST while continuing with other exercises and keeping my calories between 1200-1500 to achieve this.

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