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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sooooo a few weeks ago decided to go to the dr. after having bad stomach issues but also a pain in my boob that really freaked me out. It just hurt and didn't feel exactly right. When I went to dr. she did an exam and said she didn't think there was anything there but she was going to send me for a mammagram and an ultrasound just to be safe. It was time for a mammagram anyway. But really wasn't worried because she didn't say anything like"lump" or "biopsy" or any of those scary words.

Went for my mammagram almost 2 weeks ago. They did the initial test. She said they might not even have to do the ultrasound depending on the radiologist and if he saw anything. Then she comes back and says don't freak out but we are going to do an ultrasound on both breasts not just the one. Because we don't have your films from the last time you were here. They have all been shipped off to be digitalized. But don't worry. So then have the ultrasound. She leaves and comes back. And says everything looked ok you should be getting your results in a week. blah blah blah!!

Ok so I leave and am a little worried but still feel like if something was seen they would get back to me pretty quickly. Yesterday still no results. So I call. She said they had to order my old scans. The dr. wanted to compare them. Still no cause for anxiety. This is normal. blah blah blah.

Today go to my sceduled follow up appointment. She asks me when did I have my tests? She calls no one answers so she leaves a message. Then while we are talking she said they are just trying to be thourough because she did feel a lump and it was palpable. AND then she said we might have to send you in for a biopsy depending on results. So now I AM freaking out!! Why else do they need my old scans? And what is taking so long? There has to be something they are worried about. There has to be something there right???? I can't talk to my mom. Lord knows she would freak out more then me. It might set her back and I can't risk that at all. She worries about what freaking mulch to buy let alone her daughter having a lump.

What pisses me off is that I am trying so hard to be healthy in my life. And I feel like I am always going back ward. My cholesterol won't go down, my stomach is jacked to where I need to be on prilesec probably forever. I still have pains all the time and my thyroid is messed up and can't take meds for it. Just thought being healthy I would feel better and get rid of some of this crap.

Sorry I am throwing my self a little pity party today. I am just feeling really down!! Thanks for reading. Just needed to vent and put it down on paper.
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    I take Nexxium 40 mg every day for my stomach. Can't live without it! My tummy drives me crazy and aside from the one bout of pancreatitis no one can tell what's wrong. I also tend to have high triglycerides, which is probably what makes my pancreas act up.
    1798 days ago
    Wow....that does sound like an ordeal! I hope you don't get too discouraged in your health journey~sometimes it's our genetics that end up working against us, no matter how healthy we try to be. Sorry the docs gave the slight run around while saying don't's hard not to worry. I hope the health issues iron themselves out, or you get at least some relief. :(
    1828 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear about all the grief you are going through, my thoughts and prayers are with you...
    1829 days ago
    I guess it is normal to feel worried, but doctors are super careful about this stuff and most times it is nothing. Try to be calm and thorough--follow up until you get the answers.

    Worry will not help and might even hurt.

    btw, something similar happened to me and it was nothing. My sister is being monitored too and I guess some people just have lumpy boobs. I guess doctors like to err on the safe side.
    1829 days ago
    I've been through the wringer twice in the last two years with breast issues. The first was an abnormal finding on my very first mammogram that turned out -- after repeat mammogram, sonogram, needle biopsy and finally surgical biopsy -- to be a benign papilloma. (I think that's the term. Might have forgotten it.) The second was (is) a palpable lump that feels a bit like a grape: after another mammogram and sonogram my regular gyn wanted me to see the surgeon again, but the surgeon thought it was nothing. Six months later repeat sonogram, no changes. So the surgeon is probably right, but I still need followup for a while.

    I would tell you that the vast majority of lumps and bumps and abnormalities are benign, but I'd guess you know that already, and you still have all the "what ifs" regardless.

    But as someone else with more than my fair share of chronic and intractable issues -- and it just seems to get more and more of them all the time! -- it does seem really unfair. So I can relate. Sympathy e-hug to you and best wishes.
    1830 days ago
    Hugs honey! ok first let's breathe! You can only do so much and we are here for you! I really do hate when the doctors offices can't give you the answers you are looking for. Hopefully they can get the answers fast so you know what you are dealing with. I am sure when you get through this, they will find the answers to your stomach problems. Sending love and hugs honey! I'm here if you need anything (even if I am miles away)!
    1830 days ago
    Wishing you the best...I'm sorry they lost your other films.
    1830 days ago
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