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May 2014. New sets of goals

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As some of you know, this is a busy time for me. With work, school, supporting my husband etc.

I can say that my life goes from high to low but mostly high. Appart from my mother in-law starting her chemo for lung cancer.

- I have had my bi-yearly appointment with the oncologist, surgeon and radio-oncologist to confim I ham still cancer free
- I have been accepted to get my bachelor's degree in Information Technology Engineering
- I have passed the assessment tests in math and sciences so I don't have to go to school this summer
- we are most probably going on vacation to Cuba in June
- The medication I was given to stop the middle of the night heat waves is really working so I am sleeping a lot better
- I got my appointment with the plastic surgeon to see what can be done to fix them
- my heel is feeling better.
- Next weekend is a long weekend. Monday is a Holliday.
- I will be able to try my brand new lawnmower this weekend!
- I will have time to start the pool this weekend

so I think I am a lucky person.

I haven't stepped on a scale for weeks. but I have noticed that I am less willing to overeat now that I don't know how much I weight..... It got me thinking... And I realized that by weighting often (a few times a week) I was using that information to do what I shouldn't do.

For example. I would weight on Sunday morning then on Tuesday or Wednesday. I would see a loss sometimes of a few pounds. SO by Friday when the muffins appeard at work, I would rationalize it this way : well i have lost this week so I can afford to eat one...maybe 2... So between that and the : It's ok I still have the rest of the week to lose more, I have been playing yoyo for a few months now. And when I would see the scale go up, I'd get mad and eat! emoticon emoticon

As I have said on a previous blog, I am now affraid of getting on the scale. And that fright is helping me control what I eat. I'm not saying it makes me eat perfectly well, but I can say it is giving me some help to talk to that little demon that says... you can eat this... you'll lose it later.

So for that reason, I have decided to get on the scale, in the morning, every 1st of the month. I will test my theory and see what will happen.

As for exercise, since the heel is better I will start walking 1 distance a week then see how if feels. If it doesn't get worst, I will add one every week until I am back to my 17km a week. Plus, this weekend I will get the pool in usable condition so that I can start swimming as soon as possible. I should be able to burn a few calories in the pool.
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I am the opposite. When I weigh myself and notice a loss, it motivates me to eat well. When I notice an increase it scares me into eating well. If I don't weigh myself for more than a few days then I tend to slack off and make bad food choices.


    1801 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/14/2014 4:25:26 PM
    Damn! Just read Ken's comment and I am wanting a pool of my own!!! 12,000 calories a day? I wud become an Olympic swimmer for those babies!!!

    GRANDEFILLE, your blog is awesome! Like King_Slayer's blogs, the honesty in yours just draws me in and I so relate to much of what you write about weighing in and not weighing in. It's like we are in the same mind frame at the moment.

    So, CONGRATS on your bi-yearly appointment with the oncologist, surgeon and radio-oncologist. That was fantastic news!!!

    And Congrats on your studies and achievements at school. Awesome Job!

    As for the scale and only doing it once a month, yes, keep us posted. Although I have not weighed myself in quite a while, when I do weigh myself on a schedule it is once every week. That works best for me and I think if it was done more than that, it could mess with my mind in a bad way. Anyway, like, you, knowing that I AM going to climb back on that scale one day soon, I am eating better. Yikes, I don't want the reading to send me completely into a state of depression, now do I...

    Take care and enjoy the heck out of that pool. It IS great exercise and is extra kind to the joints.
    1801 days ago
    You are living one busy life sis! The pool is a much better tool than just burning a few calories. 80 degree F water will suck the warmth out of your body which causes your body's brown fat tissue to burn the white fat tissue to create heat to keep your body temperature up. This is why olympic swimmers can eat 12,000 calories a day when their workouts only burn 4-6,000 calories per day. cool water (and to a lesser degree, cool air temps) force your body to burn fat for heat! Get in the pool and swim as much as you can!
    1801 days ago
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