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Group shared doctor appointments! This is a new one to me!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On the TV ibn the waiting room was information on shared appointments. I had never heard of that. Wow! Is this what medicine is coming to?


Quoted from the article:
"Would you mind if a dozen total strangers sat in on your next doctor visit?

While shared medical appointments may seem like a radical departure from traditional one-on-one care, they've made steady inroads into primary care practices since the model was introduced in the early 1990s. The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates that the number of family physicians using group doctor visits doubled in five years, from 5.7 percent in 2005 to 12.7 percent in 2010.

Instead of getting the standard 15 minutes of face time with their physician, patients with similar medical issues who are willing to meet en masse can spend their usual health insurance copayment and receive up to two hours of advice on how to cope with their condition from their doctor, the doctor's medical staff -- and each other. Attendees must sign a confidentiality waiver, however, to ensure that what happens in group stays in group."

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  • LIS193
    It seems the care is rapidly vanishing from health care!
    1467 days ago
    Hmm, money saving anyway.
    1468 days ago
    Interesting. I haven't heard of this before!
    1469 days ago
    I agree with FROSTY99....not really wanting to try it, but if I had to do it I would
    1469 days ago
    dh had "shared appnt's" for diabetic educational training. I think things along that line are ok, but the one-on-one is the way to go for most things imho.
    1469 days ago
    Interesting! For chronic conditions, it might be very useful.
    1469 days ago
    It sounds like a great educational tool but I don't see how it would qualify for a true visit with your doctor and I am amazed that insurance covers something like this.
    1469 days ago
    we have something similar here but they are not called that and they don´t happen on a weekly basis here it is called shulung and they have them for asthma,diabetes and other chronic illness´s i have only been to the asthma ones with zakariya and one time to one on nutrition which was basically bases on people with diabetes which wasn´t that informative to me.the asthma one especially as it was aimed at children i thought was great.there are 4 times a year always on a saturday two of them are 5 hours and two are two hours long the 2 hour one always go affter the 5 hours and is really a refresher and Q&A session to see if the kids paid attention at the big session.i think it is great that the kids get to know other kids andthat they know they are not alone.they still have normal hospital and dr´s check ups etc as and when needed.as long as the people who take part are ok with it and that they still have the option to do there normal one to one when needed i think it is a great idea especially for children as my son takes more notice at theese schulungs than he does at a one to one with the dr.i know shouldn´t be so but is the truth.it is like the principals of self helf groups and there are so many of them as it is proven they work.dr´s also learn more about the patience as what a person might forget to say to a dr in their session if someone metion it from the group they might be reminded and say oh yeh that happened to me too,did you also have that as well.so more information gets shared that might be lost.i inow zakariya said some things that happened in school with the group that he hadn´t mentioned to me as he had forgot but one of the othere kids or mothers mention it.you haven´t said what your idea is of it.as i said provided the regular one to one is still available i think it is great and it really does work i have been using this system for years.
    1469 days ago
  • JUSTME9898
    I do not even like it when the nurse sees my weight
    1469 days ago
    1469 days ago
    I have never heard of this one either and also don't think I would be interested either.
    1470 days ago
    It might be good for some conditions to have the imput of others.
    1470 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Thanks for sharing this interesting info. Don't think I would be inte rested though.
    1470 days ago
    Hmmm . . . it is an interesting concept that could work for SOME chronic problems, depending on what your particular needs are.

    Being diabetic, I could see the value in a group appt. as all of us would have some experiences to share that would be invaluable. I think, if you're dealing with a complication that requires, for example, a medication adjustment, that would be a situation where I'd prefer a one-on-one. It will be interesting to see how this model progresses, and I think honestly it will.

    1470 days ago
    I have never heard of that, not something I would be interested in, but if it works for some that's great.
    1470 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Don't think I am going to be rushing to try this one out!
    1470 days ago
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