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Taking a lesson from our grandmothers. Tales from 100# Down

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As many of you know I have recently given up city life for country life. BIG change from the 'burbs of Chicago to the rural countryside of the mid-south but other than VERY slow internet it's all been good. I've been able to get my weight loss going again (I had been on a long plateau after a holiday uptick of about 6 pounds) and the surprising thing is that I don't have ONE piece of my gym equipment here nor the plethora of diet foods available in the Chicago market. So what's the difference?

The difference is my life has returned more to that of my grandmother's. I work harder, I walk more, I'm more active and there are not restaurants within a half hour drive and even then choices are few. This forces me to cook and when I cook I don't eat that quick open mouth stuff face kind of junk! I'm eating quality food and getting good old fashioned activity.

Everything is more work here. Our garage is across the "lane" from our house so when I need something from the garage I have to take a little walk and that's up and down the hill. Mowing has become a HUGE job and yes I push mow about 2 acres around the house. I do more sweeping (dusty in the country). I am gardening. I'm not sitting around at my computer desk watching tv or surfing the internet like I used to. Hmm. Sounds like my grandmother's life.

I'm enjoying new things. I'm going to make my first stab at making blackberry jelly this year. We have oodles of them which should ripen about July. I'm going to be canning and freezing.

So all of this activity and home cooking is seeing the scale go down. Ah - the benefits of country living.

You don't have to live in the country to benefit from this. Just start cooking more. Stop eating out so much. Start getting out of your chair and get busy! You too will see a change.

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