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Quick May Update

Monday, May 12, 2014

Making this quick, as a brief study break.

So far, not so good on the month of May. The wind has been blowing and it's been hot (hit triple digits already a few days) so outdoor activity has not been an option for me. No church volleyball Saturdays. :-( I was starting to use my treadmill more, but unfortunately, something happened in my living room overnight and suddenly there were piles of things everywhere that prevented me from unfolding the moving belt portion of my machine. Actually, I had been keeping it unfolded to ensure there would be room, so whoever spewed their junk into my living room had to fold it up to take up all that space! Why, yes, that was super irritating. It meant no exercise for me. Not my mess to clean up, so...

Luckily, this past Sunday, the junk spew got tidy and organized and mostly out of my living room, so I can reclaim treadmill space and ALMOST pilates space! Unfortunately, this week is my finals week... so, I don't have much time until Thursday to workout at all. Which, obviously, I plan to do.

Food has been off and on. I try to pay attention when I can. It's been improved in that I haven't had a whole lot of "junk" food hanging around... and the junk food that I do have hanging around is a little bit "better" junk food, if that makes sense. For example, I loaded up on dried fruit when I went to Trader Joe's, so I have dried apricots, dried persimmons, and dried unsweetened mangoes to snack on. I also picked up some dried snap peas (inner peas, they're called... clever!), dark chocolate covered flat pretzels that are so rich I can only eat 2-3 at a time anyway, and something that is by far NOT AT ALL healthy- cookie butter. I've been eating that in extreme moderation. I have fresh fruit to snack on, as well as low fat cottage cheese, fat free Greek yogurt, and other things. Meals are where things get hit-or-miss-y because I'm not always available to cook. I cook on the days I've been "assigned" to cook as per the agreement made with la familia at the beginning of the semester. The days I seem to have to pick up slack are the days I have the least amount of time available. So, those days often get thrown together with whatever is around and it's not always the best stuff. I try, but really, I don't usually have time to try.

I've been making a great deal of delicious things this month, too. Made Greek falafel and this BOMB DOT COM dip for Bible study. Mother's Day dinner for my mom was tacos and cheese enchiladas, chocolate fondue with strawberries, and fudge brownies and ice cream. Not the healthiest things in the world (although I did bake the falafel), but good and worth their calories.

I did weigh in this month a few times. I first weighed in at 184bs on May 1st-ish, I think, just as a point of reference. I weighed in the following Sunday, even though it was a few days later and saw a 186 on the scale. Yikes! I reeled in my intake as best I could and even though I wasn't doing any official exercise, I was staying really active. This past Sunday, I weighed in at 184lbs again. A 2lb difference can really mean anything, though, so as disappointing as it was, I was also trying not to worry about it.

So, I have my finals on Wednesday. I've been studying almost every single day! SO MUCH INFO! My final is only about 50 questions covering the whole semester (I hate that!) and 80 questions covering the last chunk we did after the last test. That would be 4 chapters on all things spinal cord and brain! From meninges, to how the senses work, to neurotransmitters, to what parts of the brain do what, to sleep, to how vision works, to cranial nerves, to spinal nerves, how tasting or smelling happen, the parts of the brain, memory, learning, addiction, the homunculi of the brain... and a quick overview of muscle and bone names for that final sprinkle of salt into the wound. My head is spinning.

Then, on Friday/Saturday, I'm catering a retirement party (desserts only) for an instructor at school. It's kind of funny, actually. One instructor, whom I've never had as a teacher, but is a family friend has hired me and the instructor who is retiring is an instructor I have had before and is also a family friend! Kinda cool, really. It's a 1/2 sheet cake, a 9x13 cake, and 2 dozen cupcakes (different flavors). Gotta practice my piping/decorating skills on Thursday. I may be a little rusty!

Well, that's it for me. Summer school doesn't start until June 16th, so I'll have about a month off before that nightmare begins.

Louis feels much better these days. He screeched at me all morning while I got ready for school. Rude.

7 Layer Greek Dip! With homemade hummus! *drool*

Baked falafel patties, stuffed into a pita, served with tzatziki my cousin made!

Here I am choking to death while my cousin laughs at me. In her defense, I would have done the same.

Old Town San Diego, watching a blacksmith do blacksmith things.

Old Town San Diego watching a pan flute band... there's a hilarious, crazy, and slightly offensive South Park joke in there somewhere. FURRY!

Mother's Day dinner! *drool again*

That brownie and ice cream... I used black cherry ice cream and the fondue was still out and hot, so I drizzled that over the top. *drools and shrieks, chokes on drool. see photo above*
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW.... that seven layer Greek dip looks absolutely amazing and totally drool worthy !!!

    So, I was thinking about you this morning. I was looking through my amazon living social email for the day's deals. There is a coupon for a Zombie Con (conference) coming to Boston. Some of the celebs making appearances are from the show Walking Dead.

    I know you've volunteered at Comic Con. So I figured you might enjoy something like a Zombie Con too.

    2556 days ago
  • JSPIN74
    Drooooool the pics looks delicious, awesome & cute (Louis in particular=cute)...girrrrl you have a LOT going on. Sounds exhaustive at times but wonderful...

    I think you're doing the dang thing. You're living a mindful consious life. Keep at it!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2556 days ago
    That hummus looks amazeballs! Hope you manage to find a new groove for your exercise and eating after this week is over! I'll drop by and bug you about it otherwise, lol :D
    2557 days ago
    hahha~so awesome you used South Park reference :) Food looks awesome....kitty is a cutie.....sorry to see you choking on deliciousness....keep pushing it!
    2558 days ago
    Good luck on your finals. That's always a difficult time to try and stick to your plan.
    I hope the weather cooperates so you can exercise outside too.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2559 days ago
    Your food looks so delicious!! I'd like to eat it all. ;)

    I only bought Cookie Butter once because it is way too tempting to keep going back for spoonfuls!

    Enjoy your month off!
    2559 days ago
    I am going to have to fight the urge to go looking for that cookie butter stuff the next time I go to Joe's. I think it is probably better if I pretend I didn't hear about it.

    Good Luck on Finals. I am sure all your hard work will pay off!
    2559 days ago
    Your food looks SO good! I think you are doing a pretty good job of staying on track the best that you can with your crazy schedule! I am sure you are looking forward to your month off!
    2559 days ago
    You will feel so relieved when the semester is over! I know you have another killer class coming up, but the change will be good.

    It's all going to be okay. It's all going to be okay. It's all going to be okay :)
    2559 days ago
    Hi Dear Friend!
    You have been busy! I loved the pictures...that Louie! Oh, I must have that recipe for the Sauce for the falafel...I love falafel and tzatziki sauce! And I thought I was going to like the IPad for that brownie/ ice cream! OMG!!!
    Thinking of you Wed with your finals!
    Love & Hugs,
    P.S. I have hit a terrible plateau....soooo frustrating!
    2559 days ago
    Oh, the cookie butter is my fault! I'm sorry! Lol
    2559 days ago
  • AMBER461
    Very interesting blog. As long as you are determine to lose weight you will, but you have to be dedicated to exercise and diet. Thanks for sharing.
    2559 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6584484
    We all have our days, I know I do. Keep up the great work!! You're making an effort and that is what counts!!!
    2559 days ago
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