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Yeah...It's Monday Again

Monday, May 12, 2014

And while I thought I'd done pretty well over the weekend, apparently I didn't. emoticon At least my weight was up this morning. I know I went WAY over on Friday calorie wise (hubby wanted to try a new all you can eat Chinese buffet), I did log (as well as I could) what it was. Then Sat and Sunday I really tried to NOT snack my way though both days. I thought I had done a pretty good job..but looks like I didn't. emoticon One thing I HAVE to start doing again is logging my food on weekends. Maybe then I can see where I start the downward slide.

We think we may have someone to house sit for us while on vacation. Last time we went to Hawaii my son flew down from Portland and did it for us. But he didn't want to do it this time. He said he really didn't want to spend two weeks by himself down here. I don't blame him, so it was OK. emoticon This friend lives here (with a room mate) and is checking his work schedule to see if he can do it. It would be closer to his work. And all he'll need to do is feed the cats and the fish. It would take a lot off our minds..esp after the break in. emoticon

We went to Best Buy to see about getting hubby's new phone fixed (the charging port cover came off), but it was past the 15 day return period. I thought we had a 90 return but nope. Now this problem doesn't effect how the phone works or anything, the little door is just to help be "water resistant" (NOT water proof!). The little covers have been coming off on a lot of the Galaxy S5's. Samsung did a poor job of gluing the little hinge part on (yes..it's just glued). Now to me this is a design fail..but not to Samsung emoticon . Anyway...hubby talked to the asst manger who would do NOTHING for us, he's really rude about it too. emoticon Hubby got hot under the collar..told him we were bring back all the phones (I told him right then and there..not MY phone!). I had to get something else while there and hubby is carrying on and on about never shopping there again, etc. Now is most cases..I'll back hubby up..but when he's acting like a a$$ and embarrassing me emoticon ..nope..sorry..he's on his own! I walked away. So while I was getting what I needed (grandson wanted a activity tracker..so I got him a kid one), hubby was stalking out of the store. He passed the manager on the way out and the manager could see hubby was livid. So he stopped him and asked what was up (we have spent a LOT of money in this Best Buy so they kind of know us in there), hubby explained what happened...the manager walked hubby over to the Geek Squad people and 20 mins later it was fixed..at no charge. emoticon But I saw the manager talking to the asst manager a bit after that..something tells the asst manager will handle things a bit different from now on. The little door hinge is glued back on (with Gorilla Glue) and I told hubby it comes off again and tough luck. Hubby agrees with that and in looking around the Net I see where most people are just taking this little door off anyway. emoticon I mean..if it had been something like the phone not working, cracked face, etc..I would have been upset too. But it wasn't.

Mother's Day was a quiet one for me. Hubby bought me lunch (Shoyu chicken and a green salad), I did the washing and made dinner. I heard from both my kids, and called my mom. emoticon

I did 90 mins or so on the treadmill on Friday night and 65 mins on the one at work today. The rest of the week will be on the elliptical.

OK..that's it for me..have a great rest of YOUR day!

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    It's the hardest thing in the world to count calories on Chinese food, isn't it? The restaurants wouldn't have a clue how to post the calorie counts...

    Brandon bought me my first Margarita for Mother's Day! emoticon It nearly put me under the table. Don't hold my alcohol very well!

    1471 days ago
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