Happy Monday- new week

Monday, May 12, 2014

I go to Vegas in 42 days... that is 42 opportunities for eating clean, pushing myself and being able to better myself. That is such great motivation and I just need to stick to it.
I saw my mom yesterday and the first thing she said to me was "you've lost weight" That was such a great feeling and confirmation that I am doing something right.

I might not see it, or people who see me everyday, but when someone who hasn't seen me in 2 weeks can see a difference- THAT IS PROGRESS PEOPLE!

So I am going to keep going and kick more butt.

By the way I have been doing 2 a days- one workout during my work da. Even if its 20 min, ill do a quick video or run stairs or do a quick ab workout. Then I got to the gym in the afternoons for cardio and heavy lifting, so I just gotta keep that up :)

Hope everyone is doing well and has some great goals for this week!
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