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Me, Me, ME!!! ...no, srsly; Time for Me!

Monday, May 12, 2014

To take time for me, i will:

Be SURE to take at Least! an hour a day to do one of these things (at least one) :

meditate... i will sit or lay quietly and concentrate on my breathing and listening to the sounds around me. (an hour is stretching it some, for me;

watch soothing movies... one of the four short movies i can stream to my tv; Moving Art: Flowers, Forests, Deserts, and Oceans; or, i will watch a single movie that is UPlifting in some way!

pets... i will spend time ONLY playing with my pets; snuggling is okay too, but play is more important!

play... i will watch silly youtube videos, draw withOUT purpose, play one of my musical instruments, or play one of the non-challenging games on my phone or 'puter.

read or listen in the bath... in a tub of clean hot water, i'll relax with a book or the radio on.

Now, to do any of these, i have to Schedule at least an hour of time for myself, and Insist! on keeping the hour free to take the time.

The thing that is most likely to keep me from reaching this goal is the depression that affects me at some times; so to make sure the depression doesn't overwhelm me, i will keep juicing for nutrition and exercising for my moods and getting enough sleep to keep my stress levels down.

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