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Recap of Weekly Goals

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Here's how the week went:

Sunday, I really didn't want to do any cardio, I had that 'I don't want to get sweaty' thought in my head for some reason, but I hopped on a spin bike for 20 minutes sans clip on shoes. Then, did day 3 of the Abs Challenge before the Body Pump class.

Monday, rather than indulging in bar activities (Cinco de Mayo) I went completely in the opposite direction and went to a Body Pump class. (I get no cell phone reception in the gym class.)

Tuesday, I hopped on my mini cycle.

Wednesday, I walked to the bank. (After my first and last bank walk last Summer, they have since built a new one in a nearby neighborhood; a little over 1.5 miles both ways as opposed to the close to 5 miles to the other one.)

Thursday, I walked (the long way) to a mailbox a block away from the office (instead of dropping off the mail on the 3rd floor).

Friday, I took a rest day.

Saturday, I walked a couple of blocks while the laundry was in the wash. It was warmer than it looked, I ended up with an awkward racerback tan line.

The tentative plan for next week:

(I think I'm going to have to force myself to the gym, they are all classes I love so no excuses!)

May challenges:

- 100happydays.com challenge (as proposed by ONEKIDSMOM in her Tues Mar 25th blog)- emoticon pictures posted on yesterdays blog

- Go to the gym 4 days a week- Didn't happen, I hit my funk after a 2 good consecutive days.

-30 Day abs Challenge- Didn't happen after Day 3, but I'm going to restart it because the month isn't over yet.

Confession: I'm a pound over my +3 lbs goal weight limit. Gonna reset my weight goal, so you may see some weight loss postings on my feed within the next few weeks. Nothing to panic about.

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