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Those Puppy Feels

Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's amazing what a car ride and a walk on the beach will do for my disposition. *grin* I feel like a puppy on the Best Day Ever with my favorite human. I woke up this morning feeling awful, phlegmy and sore and raspy. I got halfway dressed and crashed on the sofa, wondering what to do with my day, considering I can't breathe through all the gunk in my head AND it's the second to last day of vacation (and really, who in their right mind looks forward to going back to retail, I ask you? [btw, this is rhetorical; no cheeky answers about people looking for work or people unable to work])... so I'm feeling angsty and restless and I'm falling asleep where I'm slumped on the sofa next to the BF watching the Auburn Car Auction on TV (and hoo baby, there were some gooooooorgeous cars being sold). Jonathan, being observant and thoughtful, realized that I'd been cooped up and miserable this last week, my paid week off work that I should have spent outdoors and enjoying myself. He knows that even though I'm a crafty introvert who enjoys spending time cloistered in my sewing space, I need to be out in nature on the regular to recharge. "Why don't we get dressed and go to the beach for walkies?"
"Walkies?" I peel my eyelids open. "Beach?" My mental tail starts to hopefully wag.
"Yup. We'll grab lunch and get outside for a while."
At this point my brain was already sitting by the front door, leash held between its teeth. So I finished dressing, we walked down to the car, rolled 3 out of 4 windows down (passenger window's got a short), and away we go. After a few minutes of wind in my hair and sun on my skin I was feeling pretty darn good. Lunch was procured, and beach was achieved. BTW, I sprung for the state park license plate endorsement once again, so we can get into the dunes all summer for $11. There were more folk than expected there (ugh, tourist season...), but that didn't deter us from walking a total of three miles of shoreline. By the time we got back to the car I had my pockets full of quartz, shells, and beach glass. Many folk had brought their dogs to the beach as well, and they must have sensed my inner-puppy because most of them came up for a sniff-n-pet. I'm telling you, dog therapy works every time. :)

Unfortunately, Jonathan felt it was far too early to dip any parts of our bodies in the lake. *lol* He's worried about how I've been under the weather all this last week, and reminded me that this winter left the lakes 94% frozen over, so we may not want to plan any swimming trips until AFTER he's done with work training in August. I was only going to put my feet in, I swear. :)

I'll admit, I thought the hike back up the beach to the car was going to be the end of me. As I am asthmatic and can barely breathe through my nose right now (and even though it was only barely 70 degrees out, my black shirt made me miserably overheated), I was sounding godawful once we hit flat pavement. And the BF had the gall to ask me if I wanted to hike the main dune. *pfft* Maybe next time.

Since mom's day is tomorrow, we stopped at the local meat & produce market on the way home and picked up veggies and a roast to put together at grandma's, and voila.

That said... I've been under radio silence for a couple days while I transferred everything over to a new computer. I finally broke down and replaced the janky tower currently sitting in my coat closet. I've been working off a borrowed tower for half a year, but now I finally have a setup to call my own. My only issue is it's Windows 8. WTF. It took me forever to figure out, and another half a forever to get updates downloaded and installed. OY. I finally reinstated my SparkTracker, and voila. Now I need to figure out why it's glitching out on SparkPeople. Kept giving me weird tab-ads and not granting points for reading articles. :P

And now that the reality that summer WILL be arriving, I need to get off my butt and go look for some cherry print swimsuit fabric on eBay! I can't be seen in last year's suit, now can I? ;)

That said, I think a quick nap before dinner sounds smashing. Who's with me? ^_^
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    Now you got me wanting to go to the beach.
    1803 days ago
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