Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm sitting in the van with my family, taking a 4 hour drive to visit my mom and surprise her for Mother's Day. Hubby and I are sitting here having random conversations while I play candy crush on my phone. He starts talking about how he is doing speed drills to get ready for his next half marathon. He had a friend are in a competition together. Who can lose more weight and who can run the race the fastest. Guys. Lol.

Anyway, he tells me that he's a few pounds down from the last time we talked about his weight. He doesn't have much to lose. Maybe only 15 pounds or so. And then he says to me, "Why don't you just drop a quick 50 pounds. You'd be so much happier at 250 than you are at 300. Just do it for yourself and for your health. Come on, you deserve it."

And I said, "I don't know about that..."

And then it hit me...

It was like I'd uncovered a secret I'd kept from myself this whole time. There are so many things that I fall short on in this life. Somehow I have accepted the idea that I DON'T deserve to be thinner and healthy and happy because of my shortcomings. And unfortunately, I don't know HOW to change that idea that I made myself believe...
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    Hi again. Of course you know you deserve it. I've seen many blogs from you that say so. Or at least I think that's what I was reading. It sure seems to me like you know you deserve it. Yes you've had a few (beautiful) set-backs with child-bearing. Pick a magic number (it's what I'm doing today) I'm calling myself Tricia-150 because that's what I want to weigh 150. If I choose to eat something, I ask "would Tricia 150 choose this?" So far, it's working and it isn't really any work for me. It's just a "yes" or a "no" and a possible quick steer in another direction, if required.

    You deserve it. You know you do. Your kids will be so proud of you too and thrilled that you can keep up with them! I hope this doesn't sound like I'm telling you what to do. I hope it's inspiring. (ignore it if it isn't because my intention is to be inspiring).

    HUGS, you can do this Sara! emoticon
    2396 days ago

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    I understand, for so long I've always said, I'm never going to be a size 1 because I've always been vulouptuous but you know that's a form of also telling myself, more like not allowing myself to believe that I can achieve my goals. The first step is to reconginze it, which you have. Now it's time to change that negative thinking, everytime you find yourself telling yourself no, switch it around. In time you will see it developing in your actions! emoticon
    2488 days ago
    Ok, it's been said. AS for the "quick 50" . . . well, ain't no such thang, BUT think about it, ponder it. What weight loss goals WOULD you like to set for yourself? Set the goals. Make your action plan. Doesn't have to be some grand, complicated plan.

    WRITE IT DOWN! That makes it concrete, real! You ARE so very worthy of good health.

    HUGS my dear.
    2489 days ago
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    Sounds like you have been in denial for a long time, reasons unknown to me. But now that it has dawned on you that your husband is well aware that you are obese and he still sticks by you and offers you support, tells me he is a wonderful guy, and that you must have some really good qualities. So why shouldn't you be thin, beautiful, and happy to boot! You deserve it -- and YOU are the only one that can give these gifts to yourself. Don't you think your inner "thin & fit" girl deserves a chance?
    2489 days ago
  • ALICIA214

    You know in your heart of hearts that you do deserve to be happy and healthy, and as I see it my friend your husband has held out his hand to you to support you if I were
    you I would grab it and hang on for dear life. {Yours} Just remember you are one of
    GOD'S children, and you do deserve to be happy to say nothing about being there for
    your children and their activities.

    So your target for day by day is to change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

    Love yourself. And most important, Believe in yourself.....

    2489 days ago
    We all have "tapes" in our head that automatically shout out at us. We have to consciously make new messages.

    You do deserve to be the best you can be. It takes effort. It takes dedication. And it takes time.

    You can't "just" drop 50 pounds because you put it on your "to do list" BUT you can drop 50 pounds because you change the behaviors that have put the weight on.

    We can do this if we believe and we follow through.
    2489 days ago
    Jon Gabriel wrote a book on this topic.
    2489 days ago
    You are on the right place to be all the information and support you need are here emoticon emoticon
    2489 days ago
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