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Me, Next

Thursday, May 08, 2014

I heard a WW leader relate this experience several years ago, and it really stuck with me. Thought I'd share it with you.

She was invited to hike the Grand Canyon with a group of friends. She had been working out, and losing weight, and was excited by the prospect of doing something so far out of her comfort zone, and something that she knew would be a challenge. She accepted.

The hike was very difficult for her. Going down was hard on her knees, but it was beautiful, and she felt good.

As they started their ascent out of the canyon, though, she rapidly fell behind her friends. She didn't want to hold them back, and told them to go ahead and hike at their own pace, and she would meet them at the top. At first she was embarrassed that she couldn't keep up, and frustrated with her own limitations.

But instead of letting those things get her down, she kept looking up. The trail had lots of switchbacks, back and forth, and often, she would look up and catch a glimpse of her friends on the path ahead of her. She created a mantra that kept her focused on the goal, kept her positive, and kept her going. She repeated to herself, over and over, "That's me next."

She knew that if she kept putting one foot in front of the other, she'd make progress. She knew that she may not get there as quickly as her friends got there, but she WOULD get there! And sure enough, she did.

Sometimes we may get discouraged because our "hike" to goal weight may be a long, difficult climb, with obstacles strewn along the trail. Our friends might outpace us. We might be dead last! But, if we keep doing the things that we KNOW will eventually bring us to the summit, if we look to other hikers for inspiration and direction, if we keep reminding ourselves that "that's me next," we WILL succeed and reach our goals.

If you ever feel discouraged by the difficulty of your "hike," if you wonder if you'll ever see the numbers you hope and pray and work for, I challenge you to look for a motivator, someone who is on a similar journey, maybe a few steps ahead of you, and say to yourself, time and time again -- "that's me next!" Then get back to work and make it happen.

As I near my goal, I have been doing just that. I subscribe to Sparkblogs from people who have lost weight and are maintaining. Maintaining a weight loss brings a whole new set of challenges and a whole new skill set to the table. I am learning a lot from these mentors, and often, (and with hope) I say, "That's me next."

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