Funny how when you need a Friend...

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

So a few days ago, feeling down - really wanted to whine! DH forgot kinda - our 35th anniversary...meaning he was not on the ball or lived up to my romantic wild expectations that morning. Had to work, and it was not going well either...

Any way I was down, Big time...I so wanted to blog and whine and cry out for a friend, someone/anyone to hear my cries, but as I read through my SPARKs I felt guilty that morning. Resources, comments, trial and error all point to looking at the positives.

I know...Whining, wallowing, self-pity get you basically no-where fast! So why should I reach out and bring someone else's day down. So I held back, what should I do? and asked myself (My Mantra from my previous blog) - does it add value?"

Answer that day - No! so what will I thought? hey FRIEND - I need a FRIEND, I can be a FRIEND, hey that's ME!

So first Be a friend to yourself, I got it!!!
Write it down in a journal, go sing, go play, and get over it!!

And you know what? All of a sudden you reached out to me, not knowing I was down, but just as a friend. You are all too sweet! Powerful stuff! Friendship!

Please understand if you need me to hear you when you are down - Please Call on me! I am just saying, being a friend to yourself is wonderful enlightening experience!
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