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A Light At the End of the Tunnel?

Monday, May 05, 2014

Maybe. I'm afraid to celebrate, but I am cautiously optimistic. My BLC24 teammates knew the heights and the depths last round of thinking that 11 year-old Marshall would finally be spending school years with dad David and vacations with his mother in Salt Lake City - only to have her change her mind "because I just couldn't let him go." Not a word about what is best for Marshall.

For those interested in the story, but unaware, please take a minute to read the previous two blogs.

The custody order states that one parent buys RT tickets for visits and the other reimburses half within 60 days. Elisha always chose to buy the tickets so SHE could control the flight times. (Leave SLC as late as possible, even when that put him in Fulton around midnight. Make David have him on the plane at 9:00am or so, so that she'd get that day with Marshall too.) but last Christmas, she said she didn't have money, so she asked David to buy.

She was supposed to pay him back when she got her income tax refund. Didn't happen. And when nothing was said about spring break, David bought again. No reimbursement. the penalty for not repaying is an extra summer week for the paying parent. So Thursday evening, David told her he was planning to have Marshall for 10 weeks this summer instead of eight.

Well, it's putting it mildly to say that Elisha went off the deep end. She said she'd take David back to court if he tried and then hung up. I guess she must have talked to her mother about it (Mom is usually sensible). Anyway, Saturday she was back in touch, countering with offering him nine weeks. David responded with ten weeks or ALL of Christmas break, not just his week. She simply said she wanted to think about it.

Nothing until last night, so he said he had one more idea but figured she wouldn't much like it. He was only thinking that would get her off her duff to make one of the above choices. She said she wanted to hear it and would then choose kong the three options.

So the third choice was for Marshall to stay with her until mid-July and then come here to stay for the school year. He offered to forget about the $450 she owes him and to pay all transportation for the same visit schedule of a Christmas vacation week, spring break, and eight summer weeks.

She went with the third choice, asking only that David put it in writing and sign it. He replied that he will get a notarized signature on two copies and send them to her today for her to add a notarized signature and then send one back. That way they would each have a copy of the agreement.

I guess I'm not surprised, but it still saddens me so to think that Marshall might be for sale. She's had the legal right to claim him on her income taxes every year, not every other year. And now for a forgiven "loan" and not paying for his airfare, she just might do the right thing.

Like I said, no celebration yet. Not even allowing myself to feel excitement. Even if the paperwork gets signed off without a hitch, I doubt if I'll breathe easy until he's actually on the ground in St. Louis in July. But maybe, just maybe, our boys will all be together come summer.
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