Today I'm gonna try to change the world... ( well my little corner LOL)

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Listening to that song in background... said to hubby I am going to smile at everyone if we stop at Masstown market on way back from trailer. I really like that song...

I think he sounds like Rod Stewart in some of his songs, not this one so much but some.

So been waking up so early. 5 am, and got up just after 6 then thought no go back to bed and just lay and meditate ect. but I hurt so much laying on my back or right side. So got up and Allie and I walked in the sunny but cool day. I have been doing so well on my food and walking, even with this pain. I hope they can figure what is going on with that pain in my knee and if it is ITband then physio can help.

Off to trailer in a bit, we are going to clean up ladybugs ( they are yellow and not true ladybugs and every few years there seems to be an infestation of them, so will vacumn them up and sweep. There is no power or water ( vacumn has battery) so wont be there too long, just make a list of what we have to bring up next weekend when we stay. Campground opens May 9th BRRRR. but hey will be great. Get away, see old friends, walk, ahhhhhh. just not sleep in - never been good at that and still not.

Okay off to get this day going... well already have as walked, and did a load of laundry, had healthy breakfast. I am going to do this people. and as for changing the world.......

HUGS friends!
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