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Sorting out fall plans, working on costumes, etc

Friday, May 02, 2014

This is a quiet week for me. No appointments, no out-of-the-house commitments, etc. I'm re-reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles to prepare for the new book coming out in October. Honestly, I'm afraid it's going to be awful, but you better believe I'm pre-ordering the hardback from Amazon so I have it on release. I'm just that kind of dork.

I did get a call back from the doc referring me to a surgeon, so I am going to get a consult on getting this lymph node removed. It's not inflamed right now, so who knows what will happen next week when I go talk to her? I really want to be thorough in going over the pros/cons of this surgery. If I'm going to have risk of lymphedema, or have to worry about shots/ cuts/ infections on that arm for the rest of my life, it's going to be something serious enough to warrant serious discussion, you know?

I was supposed to get the new windows installed this week, but that didn't happen. These guys are soooo slooooow. They give you a 6-8 week quote, but it seems like it's always nearly double that. The quote is supposed to be how long we wait for the windows to come in from the factory, and after that window, we set up an install appointment. It's never in the window, though... and we order the more expensive, stainable fiberglass ones, so it's even longer since they spend time at the stainer's place. I wish he'd just give me a more accurate quote, and everything would be golden. As it stands, I'm worried about a repeat of last year's sh*tshow, where they took double the amount of time to get ready for install, did the install in one day, and then came back once a week for the next month to do finishing/touch up/trim work.

So why did we go with these guys anyway??

Well, there aren't many options in my town, and the end result looks really nice. We're happy with the quality of the windows. They block out so much heat now! So the product is nice. These guys just seem really really disorganized, so it takes too long to get things done. I guess all contractors are like that, though. At least, from my personal experience in the last 5 years. :(

So, they rescheduled the install for next Tues/Weds. On Weds, I have to go in to the surgeon, so I really hope they are done on Tues. My husband is off on Weds, so I can go down to the hospital on my own if they are still working Weds... but I genuinely hope they are done on Tues so that my husband can come with me.

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to the renfaire with a cosplay friend I met at the local comic con last March! Everyone crapped out except this dude. He's cool, but we've only hung out like twice, so I'm driving. I don't want to get left in Waxahatchie if this guy turns out to be not at all like I think he is -..- He seems like a nice, socially awkward nerdy dude. I relate to those types of dudes, so I think we'll have a good time without drama or anything like that.

He got all excited about wearing LARP clothes, so I'm going to have to take pictures! Of course, I'm getting dressed up as well. I don't really have a full set of "garb" or whatever. I just kind of throw stuff together. It's too damned hot in Texas to worry about whether or not I have a matching jacket. I was just wearing an open chemise, leggings& a cotton corset the year I got heat stroke& vomited in a trash can!

Man, the renfaire is always good times XD The year before heat stroke barf, I got food poisoning and squirt out of both ends for two days!

Ah, the renfaire XD

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is also free comic book day at the local comic shop. I couldn't convince socially awkward nerd friend to go to the faire on Sun, so I'm missing free comic book day. A friend suggested we just swing by there on the way out of town, but I wanted to go in costume, hang out, and get extra swag! Oh well! Can't do everything I guess.

Which brings me to my plans for this fall. Things are getting crazy!

Since we're working on home improvement again this year, we didn't really have any major travel plans except for one thing: My college friend's wedding. She was a bridesmaid at mine, and I wouldn't miss hers for the world. She's cool, her fiancée is cool, and I'm happy that she found someone that treats her well that all her friends actually like! I am going NO MATTER WHAT.

It is one week after the next Waco comic con, and just days after the husband's pharmacy conference in San Antonio. Since The Husband is out of vacay and doesn't want to go to Denver for a wedding, though, he told me I could just go by myself and stay as long as I wanted. Geez, when I put it like that, it sounds like he's trying to get me out of the house :P

Really, though, it's a great opportunity to spend some extra time with people I USED to hang out with like 5 days a week that I just don't see anymore. So, my friend suggested that I come a week before the wedding and just couch surf with all my friends up there. GREAT IDEA! Except I miss TheHotCon, and the pharmacy conference, and I leave my husband alone for a startlingly large amount of time. I had a comic book costume that I've already sunk like 200+ bucks into that I was REALLY looking forward to making/wearing.

But... these are my college friends we're talking about, and it was really a no brainer decision. I'll go to their con, NDK, the weekend I would be going to TheHotCon. I'm going to make a Steven Universe costume instead of a Sandman costume, and I'm going to have a great time! I know that there's nothing stopping me from making the sandman costume ANYWAY, but we're talking a serious amount of work for that thing to look like I want it to. For now, I think it's best to hold off on that and get it ready for the next HOTCON, and spend the time working on other costumes.

I still have my Fushigi Yuugi:Genbu costume, my Secret of Mana costume, and now this Stephen Universe costume to make before the fall. FY:G and SoM need to get done by AnimeFEST in August. SU gets done for NDK. I also need to get a bridesmaid dress, and figure out what I need to live away from home for like 10 days. It's going to be a crazy trip!

My fall plans are starting to finalize, though. I need to get a wig for my Steven Universe costume ASAP since it's tough waiting on out of stock items when you have a deadline, but the rest of the costume should be super easy. (I'm doing Amythest, if you've seen the show)

In other news... well.. right now, there is no other news :P Windows, doctor, fall wedding trip.. that's about it. I've lost the 1-2lbs from Easter and back to maintaining the same weight I've been all year.


And I almost forgot. We've started year THREE! I had my second Sparkversary last year. I keep forgetting about stuff like that.

Anyway, I got really hungry the day before last and felt awful about myself because I ate EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE. I was determined to do better yesterday. I did, but not by much. The last two days, the scale has gone down.

I don't understand my body sometimes :P

Anyway, I'm at it with renewed vigor today. Going to have a late breakfast and get on the bike. I won't be working out tomorrow, since I'll be on the road early to the renfaire. I'll get lots of walking in on Sat, and won't have the opportunity to overeat, so tomorrow will be a good day!

If I can maintain at 184.4 for like 8 months, that means I should be able to maintain at 183.6, or even 179 if I can get there. I'm trying to look at it differently. Small goals, you know? If I can put forth a little more effort and get things to move just a little bit, and then keep it there, it'll be better than I've done in the last 8 months.

I've been thinking, though...

If I'm maintaining at this weight NO PROBLEM, and it's been quite a long time.. does that mean that I've managed to reset my "set point" weight? Some people say it's a real thing, others say it's total bunk. Like anything weight loss related, it's impossible to know the truth.-..- Anyway, they say if you maintain at a lower weight for like 4 months, your body resets your "set point" to that weight, and it will want to naturally stay there instead of the higher weight.

If this sort of thing is true, it explains why I have no problem losing 2-3 lbs to get back to 184.4 after a weekend or more out of town. Obviously, some of it is water weight.. but 3 days of overeating with no exercise would lead to a small amount of weight gain, even if it was a few oz. Still, I always seem to manage to find myself at 184.4. It might also explain why I'm having trouble losing more. Maybe my body is making it difficult to get below the set weight by making me hungry? LOL. I honestly don't know. It's probably just a mental hangup that's keeping me from reducing the calories to where they need to be.

I revisited some old sites for inspiration, but they didn't do much for me. The one that kicked things off for me has a weird little calorie calculator that lets you put in your weight loss goals, a set amount of time, and your activity level, etc. It gives you a calorie reduction plan to start at where you are now and slowly reduce over that time until you reach your goal weight. It tells you if you reduce to an unhealthy amount, and warns against it, etc. Anyway, according to that thing, I could reach my ultimate goal weight in 9 months without dropping below 1400 cal/day if I could get my act together.

It's weird to think that it could be that close. :O I guess I'm starting to see things in a long-term view?

Anyway, the calorie counter thing certainly doesn't take into account plateaus, etc, but if you are curious about it, here is the link


And if you are curious about my inspirations, motivators, etc....

Here's the first site I went to that gave me some real inspiration and made me feel like I could really change things for myself


Another HUGE motivator for me is TLC's "My 600lb Life" show. I don't laugh at those people or anything like that. I seriously find it very motivating. These people are brave to share intimate details of what it is like to be super morbidly obese. There are people from all walks of life and all backgrounds on this show, and I feel like the show rarely caters to reality-show hyped up drama. They do sometimes, but most of the time, I feel like we're following someone who genuinely wants to change things.

I love the episodes where someone in a bad position is able to turn things around. I am so sad when I watch the episodes where people don't stick to the doctor prescribed diets, cheat, or find themselves in worse family situations after the surgery.

Even though I was never as large as they are when they start, I feel like I can relate to a few of the things they go through. The rest of them are things I never want for myself. If I can catch an episode when I'm feeling down or frustrated, it helps me focus on my goals and remind myself why it's worth it to fight against the weight, struggle to keep my food healthy, and put effort into my workouts.

Ok, so I covered real life, hobbies, and weight loss! That seems like a pretty well-rounded blog! Now it's time for a little bowl of oatmeal and a workout! Catch you guys next week :) I hope everyone is doing well& getting a little bit of activity in! It's starting to warm up, so if you were using cold weather as an excuse, you're almost out of excuses!
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    Thanks for the link to the calculator. I've been really struggling these last 2 months so I hope the set point thing is not junk.
    1450 days ago
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