Day 30 - Changes and my Kryptonite

Thursday, May 01, 2014

You know that feeling after you've been eating really good-for-you-food for a while and then you have something really rich, delicious, and wonderful, but then you realize that your body doesn't react as well to rich food as it used to. Instead of wanting more rich food, you realize you have changed and this food may taste good at first, but then you notice that the really great feeling of healthy energy and vitality you've had isn't as strong as it was last week.

You are dragging a bit, your stomach isn't entirely happy, your body just feels heavier and its not even about the number on the scale. Its about strength, like Superman when he gets near Kryptonite. Even your mind feels more sluggish, but it tasted good at the time so you think its okay once in a while, but then you realize that its now day two and you still aren't feeling your healthy self yet. You start to wonder why you would want to eat rich food if its going to take you this long to feel healthy and good again.

Like Popeye has his spinach, I have my own "spinach" (which coincidently includes spinach). I know that I will have energy and strength and feel great if I make healthy and delicious food for me to eat, pack my lunch and snacks with fruits and vegetables, and head to the gym or outside for some exercise.

I also have found my Kryptonite and I don't like how it makes me feel. This time it was a trip to the Melting Pot fondue restaurant, but it can be ice cream or brownies or whatever you think isn't going to hurt, but it steals your healthy energy. "I've been working so hard I deserve a ..." That's Kryptonite talking. "just one won't hurt..." That's Kryptonite talking.

I am sure that I will fall for that crazy Kryptonite many more times, but for now, I am back on track and eating my spinach, both literally and metaphorically! emoticon If you have gotten hit by your Kryptonite recently, we can find our "spinach". We can get back on track and get our healthy back because we will feel better and stronger and have more energy and we like that feeling. So here's to spinach and starting again!

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