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Hospitals are dangerous

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wow...so, hospitals are dangerous also. Tuesday all was well, my mom was set to be discharged to a nursing home/rehab. Had her 3 midnights to qualify for Medicare coverage for up to 100 days in rehab. They said she would be ready to go by noon. I showed up and they were still waiting for dr.'s discharge orders, so we waited and waited and waited.....They finally got them and at 3pm a new case manager came on duty and told me upon further review, my mom should have never been admitted. All her tests could have been done as an outpatient so they would not be releasing her with the understanding she was an inpatient who qualifed for the nursing home/rehab. QUE MY BLOOD pressure spiking and probably ready for my own stroke.

I objected and asked what my recourse was. No one knew. They finally determined I could file objection on the matter with a QIO independent review organization and get a response/judgment in 2 days. I had no choice but to go ahead and admit my mom on private pay status at the nursing home (which I can't afford to do much longer..wow, the prices!) Now I'm told if we had stayed at the hospital one more day, they would have assessed it in two days but since I moved her it will take up to 30!!!!!!!! Maybe soon but please pray it's MUCH sooner and that it is a positive response that will allow my mom to get the help she needs covered by her insurance!!!!!!!

I spent yesterday knocking on doors, getting copies of her files, writing letters and filing complaints with the hospital. Seems totally unfair they can 'change' their minds in a matter of hours due to a new case manager, when if we'd gotten out on time this wouldn't have happened. The case manager supervisor tried to spin it as if they had done me a 'favor' by catching it and possibly we would have transferred to the nursing home thinking we qualifed and then someone at Medicare 'catching' the facts the new case manager raised as disqualifying and may not have found out aboiut it for 3 months and then owed the nursinng home personally. Frankly, I think that is B.S., but hey, I'm just a person with a brain.

I tried to see the CEO of the hospital and gee, they won't have one until next week. New guy comes in. Just heard from a friend of mine her dad had a hip replacement at the same place, was in hospital a week and transferred to rehab/skilled nursing........THEN the hospital came back with the same b.s. that he could have/should have had the hip replacement as an OUTPATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF????

ANYWAY.....clearly I have had no time to focus on myself. Other then I had a 3 hour window between complaining and collecting records and my own Dr's appt in the same town, so I threw caution to the wind and got my first official hair cut in over 12 years! I expected to be stresssed about it, since i have abnormal hair obession but in comparison to the rest of my stress, it was no big deal. I may even want the top layer shorter. It's only hair right? haha

Hubs had noticed as I drive back each night from out of town on this mess that while I haven't eaten all day, I'm not hungry but start pigging out on the macadamia nuts about 9 or 10pm when my sleeping pill is kicking in. Great. Oh well. As Scarlett said, "I'll worry about that tomorrow!!"

Off to the nursing home to try and juggle this mess, see mom and then back to the out of town Dr for myself (same as mom's dr) and to unfortunately get new glasses. Have turned the house upside down trying to find mine to no avail. It was time for an exam anyway, I guess. Sure didn't need the extra expense but oh well. Life is still good and things could be worse and I just pray this insurance mess gets straightened out. Word to the wise if your elderly ever has a hospital stay, they may change their status AFTER the fact. (To my mind, then they should not get paid a penny for any of the stay!!!!)
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    Sending hugs. emoticon emoticon
    Hang in there, we care. We appreciate the update on what's going on.
    1782 days ago
    Good luck with this. Now this is a perfect story as to why medical tourism is on the rise. They don't have to juggle this mess in some countries. To….better days ahead!
    1782 days ago
    How unfair! I have gone through similar situations with my son. They have literally dumped him out of a hospital in the middle of the night and I can never get a straight answer from his doctors and care givers.

    I am sending you positive thoughts and hope that this mess gets cleaned up quickly.

    1782 days ago
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