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My Icebreaker Race!!! I DID IT!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Stupid plantar faciitis has been acting up WORSE than when I went in. Sure, it's not where it hurt originally, but it hurts on the inside of my ankle/foot/heel area...ugh! I am not sure if I tweaked it when I ran outside on the 20th, but I decided not to push myself overly hard last week. I did my T25 but did modifications and took last Friday off since my race was on Sunday.

Now, all I wanted to do was run my race in 35 minutes (roughly) and just finish since I knew my foot was giving me grief. So, I started my 3 mile jog. The pain was there but did not hurt. Even though I stretched really well, I felt like I was cold still. Of course, it was breezy out so that might have been the reason. I thought I was jogging slow against all these racers and so I picked up the pace a bit. I had no idea how fast I was jogging. I was just jamming out to my music.

Well, I finished the race and according to myfitnesspal app, I was faster than my 35 minute goal. Now, I tried not to get too excited so I decided to wait until it was posted online to be sure.

Anyway, finishing the race, I was about in tears again. I can't believe I did it. I was out of breath and just so happy that FINALLY after 10 years of being out of the racing scene, I jogged a whole race again! Woohoo! Then, it was time for the kids' 1 mile race. I figured we'd walk, since that is what they told me they were going to do...GREAT! It was going to be my cooldown.

Right before the race, the kids decided they wanted to jog. So, since I was still quite warm, I told them to go for it and I would slowly jog behind. Well, we ALL jogged the mile! Their race times were awesome! Kyla finished in 11:32...Buddha was 11:20...mine was 11:51!

My 3 mile race time...get this...33:15! Holy AMAZEBALLS! That was 2 minutes faster than my time outside on the 20th! Anyway, it was a GREAT family day, a great race, and I am so excited to be on this journey again! It's been way too long...however, my foot is still healing so I am doing modifications on my T25 and not doing a whole lot of jogging yet...I'll get back to it soon enough!

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