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June 30, 2013 to April 19, 2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This blog has nothing to do with my weight, although in reality it did knock me down, and although I managed to get up and continue on, there were a few side effects.

I know also, that some of you probably think I am getting obsessed about how and when the summer home in Yarnell will ever be finished. It's been such a long haul and it's far from over.

But this is how our beloved summer retreat looked on June 30, 2013 after the "Yarnell Hill Forest Fire" took it's toll, killing 19 fire fighters while it was at it.

Pretty depressing, isn't it? But houses can be rebuilt, so we moved on. And although we signed a contract with a Builder on July 11, 2013 -- our foundation was not even poured until January 23, 2014. Go figure!

By February the framers had been doing their magic, and it was starting to look like a new house going up. But a long way to go.

So from February thru April, things were done, but it all seemed like the work was going in slow motion to me. Months ago the Superintendent told me he estimated April 1st as when we would be painting inside/outside the house, so I was hopeful that we would be moving in by May 1st to the 15th. Not going to happen, as this photo was taken on April 19th, and as you can see, the home has not had stucco or dry wall yet at this point. Painting will probably be more likely the end of May -- only two months off the estimate, no need to get frustrated, right?

I'm the type of person who doesn't have a lot of patience -- I expect immediate results so maybe this will help you understand I'm not being paranoid here. It is taking a lot longer than it ever should have. We don't have much recourse at this stage of the game, but to hold our tongue and keep our tempers under control.

Perhaps if we're lucky we might get to spend a couple of months up there this summer. If not, we will roast in the Phoenix area.
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  • LIS193
    These things take time.. (and loads of patience!)
    1452 days ago
  • KLONG8
    Thanks for showing us the process and progress. I can imagine your frustration and knowing that things get derailed all the time in construction work....well, let's hope it's smooth sailing from this point forward. Oh and thanks for your comment on my blog. You said "better than sitting like a big fat blob in front of our computers" and that made me laugh out loud!
    1452 days ago
    Eve I know things are moving slow for you but I am glad your ok and nobody got hurt in the fire at your place - so sorry those 19 fireman are not here with us but God said it was time to come home - so I am glad your ok - just be patient it all works out in the end and like one of the others said go check up on them as much as you can that puts a fire under their butt (sorry for the pun) - can't wait to after pictures
    take care and God Bless
    1452 days ago
    I hope your contractor will find an extra burst of energy and get things rolling faster! Does your DH go up and check on progress much? Y'all probably should, b/c when nobody's cracking a whip, they may just take their good sweet time! They need to know y'all will be making unannounced drop ins now and again to see that they are there and working! Left to their own devices, you might be lucky to get into before New Year's end!! (hope not,though!)
    I really hope they make some good progress quickly so you can go paint and do all the fun stuff of making it move in ready!
    Have a great day, Eve! Thinking about you a lot!! (((HUGS)))
    1453 days ago
    Hope it'll be finished soon. Thank goodness you're paying by the job and not the hour !! emoticon
    1453 days ago
    Dealing with contractors who have their own timeline can indeed be frustrating. When we had our deck over the creek destroyed by falling trees it was over a year before we could even get permits to START new construction and then another 9 months for it to be completed - and that was only a deck, not a whole house. I know it's frustrating but there really isn't much you can do about it. You may not be spending the summer where you had hoped but at least your family and pets escaped the fire safely. You'll get there, in the mean time - breathe!
    1453 days ago
    The house is really coming along! But at this point for you I know it just cannot be fast enough!!!! Understandable....this doesn't make you overly impatient and certainly not Paranoid. LOL

    Almost 20 yrs ago Rob and I built our home. I was pregnant at the time and had sold our old house and we were living in a rented 1 bed "condo" AKA glorified crappy apartment. I was used to 3 bed house in country with my own laundry and a yard. Not surrounded by a lot of people and pavement! lots of pavement. Yuck! and the heat didn't work and the AC didn't work in the warmer weather. What a delight! NOT! I really understand your pain and the impatience is definitely warranted. I could not wait for that house to be finished let me tell you.

    It took much longer to build than they said. There was always some hold up. In particular was the fact that we had a record breaking snowstorm which blew in "literally" to our house because the windows were late being installed. So that Noreaster just dumped two feet of snow INSIDE the house! Which Rob had to shovel out himself....and then we needed heaters to dry out all the wood before we could move on. And the ice rink in the basement was a particular delight. LOL

    Oh your impatience is warranted. Unfortunately it seems the nature of housing projects is that there are always time and usually some cost overruns. Stinks big time! We ( and by that I mean Rob cuz at that point I was as big as a whale lol) did some of the work too to keep costs low. Oh how we wanted to get in and just do them. Clearly all things were going to happen in their due time and no faster.

    So my friend, have faith. You WILL get into that most beautiful custom home. It WILL be fabulous. And it WILL have the most amazing giant mattress on the bed with the A?C so darned cold you think your living in the Arctic. wish it would move faster for you...for sure. In the meantime crank up the AC where you are and make a margharita or two! LOL and envision your on a carribean beach. That'll work, right? Oh and the Margheritas will help you with the pretending part.
    Thoughts are with you. Best wishes and luck in the speedy finish of that house!
    Hang in there!
    1453 days ago
    I enjoyed seeing the work in progress. I am the same - I want things to happen yesterday and it is very hard to be patient. Keeping busy will help the month pass quickly, and I know you are a busy lady, so good luck and I hope there are not too many uncalled for hold-ups. emoticon
    1454 days ago
    1454 days ago
  • DALID414
    But you are lucky, Eve. It's not your 'main' house!
    1454 days ago
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