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FINALLY!! Giving up Diet Soda Once And For All

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I have drank diet soda since I was a teen(I'm 54) and my mother had Type II Diabetes. How many of you remember Tab and Fresca? We thought those actually tasted good. Water has never been one of my favorite drinks. I've always been a soda or sometimes milk girl. After my husband passed away I really got into diet soda. I would drink it all day and night. For some reason I thought I deserved it. I had it in my head that it was somehow special. I don't know what that was all about. It got so bad that my 2 adult daughters told me to cut back. I don't like being told what to do, especially by my children so I didn't. Probably a couple of years ago when my oldest daughter went vegan she kept a water bottle with her constantly. I thought she was crazy. I am on meds that keep my mouth dry so I was always wanting to stop for a diet soda when we were out. She suggested me buying and carrying a water bottle. I didn't get it. Of course drinking diet soda with a dry mouth only made it worse. Then my lips and tongue would make this "weird sound" my girls said that was annoying, of course. I'm their mother aren't I supposed to be annoying? Anyway I don't remember what happened but I started drinking more water. I believe I was trying to save money and as we all know soda can be expensive. So, I said no more soda in the house for me. Next time we went to Target my daughter pointed out what bottle she bought and I bought the identical one cause it looked like it worked good for her but I bought a different color. I started taking it with me wherever we went. I was treating myself to a diet soda when we went out to eat and getting like 4 refills. I wanted to get my $3.00 worth at the restaraunt! Some time went by and I didn't enjoy it as much and I started cutting back when we went out. I would only have 1 refill. Then I started thinking about how much I was spending on 2 glasses of diet soda and stopped ordering it out. I started ordering water only. It was only $3.00 but I liked the savings on my bill and the fact that I drank water and was fine. About 3 weeks ago I had a diet Mug root beer before a Dr. appt (it was in a can). When I went to the appt I was in the waiting room and Dr. Oz was on the TV and what did they start talking about? You guessed it, diet soda. He said that diet cola's because of the carmel color bruise the heart and all of the diet soda's raise blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. There was one more thing but I can't remember what it was. That was all I needed to hear. I haven't had diet soda since and I won't. It wasn't easy. But, as I slowly learned to enjoy the water more I crave it, I love it. I don't leave the house without my water bottle. My kids will even double check with me to make sure I have it. It took I think a long time but it was so worth it. I hope this helps someone. Keep trying, you can do it. Also, I NEVER have trouble with swelling or any kind of water retention even in warm weather.

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