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Enduring Progress

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Just remember that the most enduring progress takes time"
Virgo horoscope quote last week.

Was this a sign for me?

I struggled with my training last week... After coming from Quebec, my stomach was really upset. Not sure if it is because of my binging episodes once back home - that certainly did not help… or a bug (my daughter was sick too… ).. or too much sugar (as you can see we both dig in and enjoyed the maple sugar! )...

Anyway, my training for the week was as follow.

I took it easy for a couple of days … so I skipped running and swapped it for walks and yoga (ST)

Monday 21 Apr: Home short walk (3.5km) after a long 10 hour drive
Tues 22 Apr - Return to work: Home short walk 3.5km + 60 min hot yoga

… and tried exercise as a remedy! Did Cycle the next day and had to quit after 20 min. I was drenched!

Wed 23 Apr: Cycle 12k (Stat bike Random level 3 - 20 min) + Home Walk Extended - 5k

Got back on with running on Thursday (24 Apr) -10k Trillium Trail (48:35) + 60 min Hot Yoga.

It was not so bad. I was able to cover the distance but I have to say that my pace is SLOW - I am usually under 46min for 10k… - My legs felt very heavy for the first half. I was digging deep to find some energy to go at a moderate pace. Finally, I was happy to get it done - my only concern is: "this should be easy, in comparison to marathon distance, and it was not!" Hot yoga was nice. Actually, my energy in general is getting low -my physiotherapist suggested that I might be over trained… emoticon

Friday 24 Apr: Early shift (work day started at 0530AM... so after getting one hour of work in - I went for a long run. I am fortunate that some of my work time can be dedicated to fitness, that is one benefit of military lifestyle!

28km/17 miles (2h26min) Trillium Trail. This was a good long run training - Not for the distance (because I had to cut it short, the plan was to do 32k) but because I tried a few things and learned. As per my last 3 weeks, it takes me 5k (3 miles) to find my pace, to catch my breath and to "warm up" and feel like I can move it… After that, I am comfortable. I made a stop after my first 10k for water and a bar. I tried Pure Protein - Chocolate: Never again! I did not like it. It was dried, hard to chew and swallow. It sat well in my stomach but I don’t think I want to train my jaw to chew on this as I am running! Lesson learned: I will stick to my usual Cliff Gel Chocolate for energy booster on marathon day!
During my 2nd 10k, I was actually paying attention to the trail. This time, I saw 2 deer - they jumped right in front of me! I was determined to count squirrels - the day before they seem to be everywhere… I thought that would keep me distracted... unfortunately, I saw only 3! I also slow down my pace quite a bit (from 5min/km to 6:40/km) to run with an other officer that was on the path for his 5k run - it was great… I chat the whole 2km as he was trying to keep up … but he seems very happy that he had a little push for that portion of the run. I did too… it was like a break without a stop!
I did one more stop for water and got back for another 8k. I realized that maybe I should get more fuel into me earlier into the run if I don’t want to hit the wall… mine comes at around 23k (14-15miles) I seem to do fine until that point. I don’t need water or food and I don’t feel like I need to stop… I do regardless just because it is training but during a race I usually don’t stop until 23k. Lesson learned - I will start re-fuelling earlier next time - I think I will bring a gel and a bar and start snacking on it 45 min into my run (without stopping) even if at this point I don’t feel the need for it. My next long run, and last one before the marathon, is next Friday or Saturday - depending on weather conditions - it will be a 36k/ 22 miles.

Saturday 26 Apr: Home short walk 3.5k
Sunday 27 Apr: travel to Ottawa for Duty by train... nice meal (salmon), checking recipe magazine (found "Couscous and tofu" might give it a try next week) and enjoying the Lake Ontario View

went for a short walk (3km) after checking in at the hotel...

The end of the month is coming… last week has taught me that if I push too much I might run out of fuel! This week - so far - is a disaster WRT training and food tracking. I will do better tomorrow. Counting on it!!!

Now… On what I need to work - FOOD

For the most part, I think I am eating healthy… however, my binging episodes, my treats and my sweets are keeping me off track. I will need to make a conscious effort to achieve balance and be consistent. It might also help me with my energy level too. Trust me - when I reach my goals, I use the all or nothing approach and I let it loose… so I go off track. Food will be my main focus point next month.

To get a good start - here is some of the nice meals/recipes I enjoyed recently:

Sausages and salads - Easter Weekend at my sister's place. I really like my Green and Grain Medley Salad (at 2 o'clock)… It is easy and left-over are fantastic for lunch.


I made a quick high protein and iron casserole: Curry Liver with Lentils, Potatoes and Green Beans. I did not tell the kids… they ate it (usually they would not even touch liver) but it won’t become a favorite! Jeff and I verdict: spicy and different. Anyway - It is an easy way to have liver (my original recipe has cauliflowers and tomatoes… )


After my long run - I don’t really feel like eating but I need to replenish. I made an omelet with sauerkraut and cheddar cheese, the garnish is avocado and salsa verde. Very filling for 378 calories, good fat and 20 grams of proteins!

Last night, I tried to do a Maque-Chou -a creamy corn side dish Louisiana style. I had Maque-Chou at the restaurant when I visited my mom in Saint-Augustine and decided to give it a home twist. I looked for recipe and found one on Closet cooking website.

My version of it has leek and corn. I substitute the heavy cream for 1% Milk and kept the bacon for the flavor. You can find my recipe here:

Having said this… my goal for the next month is going to be: CONTROL!

1) Food - I need help here… Portion control - stop the trigger foods and no more binge until the marathon. I need to be accountable and to be kept in check!

2) Keep up with drinking … I am doing GREAT!!! emoticon
Yeah ... Did I say my focus for next month is CONTROL! Actually I shared this "Discovery Beer Plate" with my colleague at a local micro-brewery... I like trying new flavors! On the WATER side, I am doing great, drinking more than my 8 cups/day. I am still drinking one Diet Soda/day... Maybe I can drop this one!

3) Training: I run 2 SMILE (yeah I changed my username)… One more long run beginning of May before taper.- Running is my drug … and my goal is to run the Canadian Forces Championship (Ottawa Marathon) in a decent time - not a PB… to qualify for Boston (again)… I can do this! No distance goal for May… just want to complete the marathon under 3 hours 45 min. My last one was 3hours 36min. I would be happy with 3:40!

4) Rest. (hihihi - just so you can have a good laugh - my daughter took a pic of me before turning the light off and sent it to me later as one of our pic of the day challenge… do you like the compression socks!?!)

Enduring Progress?

I will get back to where I want to be.
I will do what it takes, one day at the time - Not expecting to be at goal on day 1
I will celebrate the little success along the way (not with food)
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