Trouble in Paradise

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I got up this morning, combed my hair and headed for the kitchen to take my vitamins and drink one of my twelve glasses of water. As I made my way past the bathroom I thought I heard something so I stepped inside and listened. Then, there it was again, kind of a small whisper saying “look at me” By this time I realized it was my scales, laying there on the bathroom floor looking sadly forsaken. It said to me that I really should get on and check my weight because it’s been awhile since we’ve had a relationship and you know you’ve missed me, and you want to see if you’ve gained. I quickly ran into the hallway pulling the door shut behind me. I thought I was in the clear so I went down the hallway on my way to the kitchen again. As I passed the pantry, I saw a small Frito beckoning to me from under the door. It wanted to know if I still loved it. It said if I loved it I would have some as a snack. I thought about telling him that I’d have some later but then I came back to the reality of what I’d be doing to my body yet again. I grabbed the Frito and tossed it in the trashcan sitting next to the refrigerator. As I came closer to the trashcan, the frig started calling my name. I quickly ran to the sink and got my 16 oz of water. I downed it along with my vitamins. I kept hearing those tiny whispers and I could almost see the light in the crack of the refrigerator door. Then I heard more voices coming from the frig. This time they were really loud. There were the leftovers, the marmalade, the biscuits from hubby’s breakfast, even the sausage was saying “Eat me, you won’t be sorry. By this time I was worried, I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer without moral support. I grabbed a piece of fruit and headed for my computer. I had to get out of the kitchen quickly because that’s where the danger was. I knew I could find help online so I quickly logged on to my “Friends” team. I was right, all my cyber friends were there encouraging me. I got absorbed in reading posts and seeing other’s progress, giving and getting Spark goodies and I almost forgot my hunger. By then the fruit had taken the edge off my hunger so that I could go back into the kitchen and eat something healthy. Long ago I’d found out that I have that incurable disease, fat. I will never be cured but if I reach goal, I can be in remission. At that point I’ll just have to take my medicine (dieting) when I get a flare up (gaining.) This has to be a way of life for me because it keeps me healthy, and yes, I’ve even managed to start exercising again. I’m getting excited about staying on track, it’s just not easy to do the right thing. I’m thinking that the closer I keep to natural, the easier it will be to lose those cravings, since the manufacturers add things that are addictive.
Once again, I’d managed to win the fight for control. I know I can do this if I keep focused and go for the long-term healthy body instead of instant gratification. Now tell me, are those things you crave worth giving up your good health? Join me, we can fight this battle together.
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