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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No, it's not a job :sigh: Someday soon, please, pleeeeeease.
But, in a way even better news! Because unlike a good portion of the job search, this is all in my control :D
I didn't weigh myself this weekend because it was kind of crazy and I'd been so inactive all week I couldn't hope for good news. I hadn't lost weight in two weeks, so yeah, why would I be excited? But I told myself I needed to weigh myself this morning just to see where I'm at for this week.
3.5 pounds down. I'm in the 240s now!!!! Total loss of just over 12 pounds :D I think my reward will be taking a bath with the lush bubble bar I've been saving.
I also did a heap of cleaning the closets yesterday. Today I took it a tiny bit further and tried on some pants and shirts that might be in the grey area of possibly fitting. No shirts, with my arms and giant boobs, no surprise there.
There's a pair of jeans I bought almost a year and a half ago that are the same size as what I wear, but a different cut. Lower waist, tighter in the thighs. That just didn't fit me at all :(
I got them on today!
Not really wearable as they're a bit too tight to leave the house in, and I feel like my butt doesn't fit into them very well, like when I sit down.
So I think a new non-scale related goal is to start wearing these jeans! I mean, when they fit more properly.
It reminded me I want to be back into size 16s be mid-late summer this year. But there is such HUGE space between big girl sizes, I'll probably be lucky to be out of the size 20 pants by the end of June. Sometimes focusing on the scale is the better thing :P
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