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Down 4..Up 4...Disgusted

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I have not lost much weight these past 2-3 months. The darn scale showed a loss of 4 pounds and this morning it showed that I gained it back.

I am disgusted because I have added strength training for 2 full weeks and increased cardio time too! I am eating about the same, and haven't had any sweets, soda, bread, so I don't know what is up. I didn't even loose an inch!

Needless to say I am disgusted because I am really working hard and have passed up the goodies and food that I love to no avail!

I am teetering on the brink of throwing in the towel. Overall over the last 7 months I have lost 43-45 pounds, and I know if I give up now..well who knows what will happen!!!!! emoticon

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    Motivation has to be the key. For me, being healthy is the all important factor, which means eating clean.

    I lost my mom to diabetes back in 2008. Then just recently my best friend passed away in June 2014 from diabetes.

    Long story short, I read the book, "Diabesity" by Francine Kaufman, M.D. former president of the American Diabetes Association.

    A lot of the symptoms that my friend had were directly related to diabetes. Looking like she was 90 instead of 70, RA, (gnarled hands), once sharp memory a blur, not to mention yeast infections, and sores that wouldn't heal, congestive heart failure due to a massive heart attack years ago which she survived, clogged arteries, wheelchair bound or chair bound, restless legs syndrome so no sleep at night, and shortness of breath because of congestive heart failure, then after suffering several more mini-heart attacks she fell and broke her hip. The hospital finally got her stable enough after 5 weeks of lying in bed to do surgery. She was considered high risk no doubt. Then suffered 2 cardiac arrests after week after surgery. Then she finally passed. She was in so much pain for years, and for the last 2 months of her life, was very bad.

    She was on so many medications which cost $$$$, and in the end may have made a bad situation worse, as we are finding out today.

    Although she was given nasally oxygen, her heart couldn't even pump the oxygenated blood through her body. It's a wonder she didn't lose her fingers, toes, or limbs. But just the same, she died.

    The "Diabesity" book says that the blood of the diabetics is very thick much like maple syrup due to the sugar in their blood. Hence, no oxygen flowing to the extremities, hence the amputations.

    And so I became more knowledgeable about how the body works but reading up on such things. One of the books was "Prediabetes for Dummies" by the Dummies Series, which was excellent. Plus several other books, "YOU: On A Diet" by Dr. Oz is another one.

    So my motivation is not to just lose weight, but to be healthy and stay healthy.
    Because losing weight is not what it's all about.

    The "Diabesity" book also states that there are many unknown people with diabetes, and Prediabetes. The ratio is 1:4. One unknown diabetic to four unknown prediabetic.

    So it is very important not only to eat clean, no processed foods but to have blood work done. Because those numbers, if you know them, can help save your life.

    I basically do the South Beach Diet, and the Mediterranean.
    The South Beach Diet is very good for getting good numbers on a person's blood work. But make no mistake about it, if you think eating clean for one day or a week is going to help your blood, that's a mistake, because when blood work is drawn, it lets the doctor know how the LAST 3 MONTHS HAVE BEEN, per "Diabesity". So... a word to the wise.

    And so I keep a close eye on my blood work. The ABCs as Diabesity calls them.

    A for Ac1, which is for blood sugar which should be 126.

    B is for blood pressure which is an indication of how my arteries and blood vessels are doing.

    C is for cholesterol which is also another indication of how my blood work is doing for my arteries and blood vessels.

    Because once the heart dies or is very badly damaged you either die or have a bad quality of life until you die.

    So whatever is your motivation, it has to be strong enough for you to do something about becoming healthy.

    I say this to help and encourage you. Nothing like a wake up call, and for some it can be too late.

    I hope that you will be able to find the motivation and the stick-with-it-ness that you need to keep you going.

    And I hope this helps and encourages you to continue what you are doing regardless what the scales say.

    But whatever you do for exercise, it really should be something that you enjoy doing because once the weight is lost and you need to do maintenance, you will continue to do what you did to lose the weight in the first place.

    So try and find something that you really enjoy doing and can do it for the rest of your life.

    You can do this! emoticon

    2324 days ago
    Jomama, don't give up! emoticon You've accomplished so much! Don't let a temporary rut become a big setback. Be kind to yourself and think that even if you haven't lost weight, you're taking care of your body and getting healthier (and I'm telling the same thing to myself right now).

    In terms of things to try, if you're using the trackers and calorie recommendations from Spark, are you using the fixed one or the one that changes according to exercise level? I use the fixed one and have seen the message urging to change it because if I eat too little for the level of exercise it might hurt the weight loss effort. If you've been exercising a lot, but keeping a low caloric intake your body/metabolism might have gone into conserving mode. Also, have you had your thyroid checked? My thyroid has been acting a little crazy over the last few years and it has changed the weight loss pattern for me.

    As Zanygirl and Glory said, changing the routine usually helps, too. If you've been eating low carb, maybe you can switch and go low fat for a couple of weeks, and change the cardio/weight training ratio. If you eat three times a day, maybe you could also try adding fruits or veggies as snacks as to eat every three hours to let your body know there's food around and keep the metabolism up. I was on Weight Watchers a long time ago when they had the Flex Points and Core programs. Core was great for me and I've used it after WW to jumpstart things.

    I also wanted to share this with you:

    The article has a link to an Excel sheet where you can track your weight using a moving average. I think this could be a great thing for those of us that have big fluctuations from day to day.

    Hang in there and know that your Spark friends are rooting for you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2399 days ago
    DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!! Sometimes when I get stuck like that, I change up my routine and it makes a difference. But whatever you do, don't give up on yourself. You've done so good, 43-45 pounds is amazing!!!!!!!!! It will get better. emoticon
    2410 days ago
  • GLORY63
    I'm not sure what type of cardio you are doing. If it is the same type of cardio, try something different. Our muscles get used to us doing the same thing over and over and stop working hard after a while. This causes us to hit a plateau.

    emoticon emoticon
    2410 days ago
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