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Day 47 Kick the Can't

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Things I "Can't" Do:

Get enough sleep

Stop binge watching Netflix

Eat within my calorie range

Feel connected other people - online and in real life

Make healthy choices while at a scrapbook weekend.

Reframing the above list:

It's hard to get enough sleep, but I'll find a way! Maybe I could change the tone for my get-ready-for-bed alarm so it more novel and I am less likely to dismiss it. DONE

It's hard to stop binge watching Netflix, but I'll find a way! Maybe I could get up after one show and do something else, such as work a puzzle from the Page a Day calendar or start some laundry.

It's hard to eat within my calorie range but I'll find a way! Maybe I could pre-track and prep my foods for the day.

It's hard to feel connected with other people (online and in real life) but I'll find a way! Maybe I could check in with at least one Spark team each day and add the hiking clubs' schedules to my calendar so I can hike with them as my schedule allows.

It's hard to make healthy choices while at a scrapbook weekend but I'll find a way! Maybe I could bring preportioned healthy food, my exercise clothes and laptop so I can check in with y'all here on Spark.

I really, really like the positive nature of the above exercise!

I am still looking for a mantra, a personal guiding principle, a short personal mission statement. One I've danced around is "Can do!" Now since I am a reverse snob of sorts, I am reluctant to adopt a mantra that is also a corporate slogan. But dang it would be cool on one level to have stuff that says what I sometimes need to hear - "Just Do It!" Since my big issue, my negative self talk centers on "I don't matter", I wish I could flip it to "I matter" or "I do matter" or "I do matter to me", but then I keep thinking of goopy "eye matter". Ugh. Maybe that's all the more reason *TO* flip it, to say "I matter" more than "eye matter". IDK how to resolve this just yet. And I want to somehow tie the motto in with the image of a butterfly since I wear a butterfly ring and at times consider the butterfly my spirit animal. The body of the butterfly is the "I", with the two side or four sections of the wings correlating to the other words of whatever motto I choose.

Thanks for reading my blog - please let me know your ideas for "Maybe I coulds" and what your personal mottos are.
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