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Mother Earth.....

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My mind is in a whirlwind right now......I need to collect my thoughts and decided to write to help sort out the pieces of awe that fills my head and heart.
This week has been one of spiritual awakening for me.

It started on Sunday, Easter morning.

Our weather was perfect in that early morning. I had plenty to do, but was drawn to sit by the sliding glass door in our dining room. Our three cats were content as they watched the day unfold. I joined them as they basked in the sun while tentatively focused on the ducks in our yard. The male duck stood on guard as the female feasted on some bird feed that had fallen on the ground. A few morning doves also shared the common ground. I could hear other birds chirping ...singing the praises of the day.

I felt humbled. I had so much to do, but was compelled to sit think.

Mother Earth....our gift from God.

All creatures appreciate and value this gift and make the most of their day.

I realized that man has not. There are times, I have not. Yes....I do value life, but not always the gift.

This week was also Earth Day.

Man ...corporations......have not valued Mother Earth. We build.....we abandon the site and build elsewhere and often leave the parcel in disrepair. We should rebuild on the same site and not waste other valuable spaces. We need to respect the land...the habitats.

This week was also my birthday. In all reality, my life is probably half over. I don't really dwell on that fact, for so many never were given that chance.....

What I did/have dwell on this week....was my Mother Temple( body). I realize that I don't respect this gift I was given.

It was with FULL realization that .......we were given this earth and our bodies to inhabit and I haven't honored that fact. Granted, I have been working on me for quite some time, but keep having that step backwards for every two steps forward I take.

We have this Earth...the foliage...the animal stock to nourish our bodies and man/corporations have filled our stores with processed foods full of sodium, sugars and other ingredients that we cannot even pronounce or fathom what they mean or do to ourselves. What we deemed as convenient has ruined our health over time. It has changed our chemical make up in our body and mind for what we now crave as opposed to what we need to fully function physically and mentality.

It hit me with such force.....that I had to share to with my dearest friend Susie out in California.

We have talked at lengths this week with phone calls....with texts.

This week...she texted me on Tuesday evening and asked if I was sitting down.......then she proceeded to tell me that she was at weight watchers and was about to join.

We use to laugh about organic this or that. Yes....we have always KNOWN that it was better.....but I don't think we truly UNDERSTOOD that concept. I has only been these last two months I have been truly doing the simply filling technique....and yet......

I haven't totally embraced it.

We laughed as I reminded her that I was NOT going to make my own organic am considering it.....truly...considering it.

This week...we have talked deeply......honestly......abou
t where we are in this road. Once you face the truth what holds you can face with it....and go forward to the path you truly wish to be on.

This weekend, we have both reworked our storage space...our cupboards.....frig....freezer.
...and replenishing it with TRUE whole foods ...herbs....etc. Our attitude...if God made it....if man did....don't.

I realized that I have this nagging doubt in myself when it comes to eating what is healthy for me. I also know for a fact, I am lonely when it comes to this feat. I let the outside world influence my decisions.


this week...I realized .....that .......

I am not alone. My leader at weight watchers is always teaching...sharing.....cheerin
g us on......never giving up on ME. ....ME.

I have friends......a good friend.......

I have the tools..the knowledge....

and now the acceptance....

It was Sunday, Easter Day....and I stopped in the dining room to share the outside world with my three cats.......


I haven't felt the same since.....

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