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Saturday, April 26, 2014

INSTRUCTITONIONEXZ fur dah Emohz vs. dah Postosz! emoticon

STEP 1. open a window for your post. Scroll emoticon down so you can see the whole thing, and expand it if you like to make posting emoticon easier. The first time you use an emo, HOLD DOWN the M key While you press a pic to Choose Your Emo. This will keep the Emo Popup window from closing. DON'T close it!

The act of opening your Emo Popup window will cause your Post window to scroll back 'up' emoticon so you can only see the top of your Post (if your 'puter is set up anything like mine).

STEP 2. Scroll emoticon down again to see all of your post window (OR, click Inside Your Post to replace your cursor there.) Your Emo Popup will emoticon Minimize. (actually, it'll go Behind your Post window, so since i make my browser window smaller side-to-side, i can leave it to the side and pick it from there).

You'll have to emoticon click on the minimized emo popup to choose your next emo, but it will be on whatever emo page you've left it on.

STEP 3. from this point on, AS LONG As you Remember to Hold Down the M key while you press a pic to Choose your Emo, you never have to REopen your Emo Popup, AND your Post window will NOT scroll emoticon down.

This just saves me time n' fingerz, n' if you use a Word window to keep your Post while you're writing it, ummmm.... it'll be unworkable, sorry!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm emoticon lol that happens if you hold down the M key too long before you pick an emo! LOL mai silly, silly fingahz!

BTW... if you open an emo popup and leave it open after you've POSTed, it will Not! work with another post window. You'll need a spankin' new emo window for that new post!

hope that helps! ... yay! emoticon
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