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Friday, April 25, 2014

I fainted Thursday morning. emoticon

I was staying over at Joe's house, since I was taking a 2day First Aid training course with him (and his place is 5 minutes from the training facility!) and I woke up (15 minutes before the alarm) to go to the bathroom really bad! In my frantic and slightly disorientated state, I hit the back of my hand on the doorknob!
Ouch... it hurt, but I managed to make it to the toilet. I got my pants down, and then proceeded to examine my hand. It was still hurting really bad, and when I tried to open and close a fist, it was slightly delayed, almost as if it was paralyzed! I guess this was too much for me... and overwhelmed by the pain, I fainted on the bathroom floor!!!

I came too, hearing Joe yelling, "Jessica, where are you?" and then finally calling to him, "I'm in the bathroom!"
If you have ever fainted, coming to is the worst feeling in the world! Pins & needles throughout the body, hot & sweaty for no reason.... it's what I think it would probably feel like to die and come back to life! (When I come to, I never know who/what I am for about 20 seconds... and lying on your back staring at the ceiling is such a foreign view... I never know where I am either!)

Joe came in quickly and said "I heard a thud and knew it was you, but I couldn't find you!" (Lately he has been sleeping with ear plugs in so I'm lucky that he heard me at all!)

What a crazy morning! ...Then I had to still attend my SFA course, which... if any of you know me, you know that blood and other medical emergency issues make me faint! Even just talking about them!!!

So I ended up lying on the floor for most of the morning of SFA too! (Yes, I told my instructor that I was a fainter and that I might need to do this, and she understood... but still, what a day! And I couldn't skip this training either! I need it to recertify my fitness instructor certificate by the end of April or I have to retake my FIS test and repay for it too! Geesh, no pressure!

Anyways... I made it through the course. Today, I had NO fainting issues... but I have been noting that I'm having many 'seeing stars' episodes from getting up too fast.
Hmmm... is that a sign of low blood pressure?
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    I've never fainted, but I have episodes of "seeing stars" quite frequently. So glad Joe was right there and heard you. Please take care of yourself girl! Glad you're OK. emoticon

    1508 days ago
    Huhhhhhhhhhh scary!!!

    1516 days ago
    I hope your hand is alright.
    GLAD you got through the training.

    ******If it were me, I would get it checked out...

    I have never fainted in my life for any far.
    I do have mild issues with my blood pressure.
    For 2 years I took meds for mild blood pressure. A 5mg pill.
    I stopped taking meds for it last year.
    What I did over the time I was taking it was learn to pay closer attention to THE SIGNS my pressure is going up or is high. Stay hydrated. Don't allow people to get under my skin, on my nerves and remove myself from stressful situations or prepare myself for them when I could.

    The person here on Spark who said you may have low blood sugar could be on the right track.
    Thats alot to go through in a day...take good care.
    1516 days ago
    The starts make me think it could be blood pressure related or low blood sugar! Best have it checked out! Just so you know.

    1516 days ago
    Did you go to SJA? If I had known, I would have "stolen" you for my own class. It would have been a ton of fun to teach you!
    1516 days ago
    Holy cow! Something similar happened to someone at my work- he fainted in the public rest room- and hit his had and had no idea how he hit his head. Thank good you are OK! HUGS!!!!

    P.S. I have never fully fainted and hope it doesn't ever happen to me- but I do see stars sometimes and yes, it is a sign of low blood pressure ( for me at least).

    1516 days ago
    OMG, fainting that much sounds serious!!!! I hope you are okay, be careful!
    1517 days ago
    Yikes, scary. Sorry to hear this happened! I have never fully fainted but have felt very dizzy and lightheaded when standing too fast after being in bed. And my hubby has fainted - medical stuff does it to him, too! His mom wanted to make him an "I faint" shirt to wear to the hospital when I have birth!
    1518 days ago
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