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The secret to developing a habit.......make a craving happen...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Arrange things so you have a "craving" after experiencing a "cue."

If you give yourself a piece of chocolate after the treadmill workout, seeing the treadmill (cue) will give you a craving for the piece of chocolate!

Thus the treadmill "habit" becomes very strong!

The craving is the important thing to make a habit strong. Without the craving the habit is easily extinguished. Some people crave the endorphins (good feelings) after a run. People can "crave" the tingly, clean feeling of their teeth after brushing. They can't leave the house in the morning till they have that clean teeth feeling. To establish a habit of tidying up, use air spray after cleaning each room.Craving the smell of a spritz of air conditioner can develop the habit of cleaning up more often

So, to develop a habit, always find that thing you will crave. That is key to making a habit stick.

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