One of Those Duh Moments

Friday, April 25, 2014

I had been dillying around. I had wanted to lose wt but after so many failures I was used to failing. I didn't even see success in my future. I thought this was the norm. I was used to compensating.

But I once again decided to play to my strengths. I am by nature math oriented. Hubby, & my budget took a huge hit a few years ago. I was fired. I decided to stay home, & make our budget work off his income. We have succeeded!!! So I made a spread sheet of where I wanted to be wt wise, & where I am now, & am holding myself accountable!!!

The first thing I did was turn my terminology around. I am not a loser. I don't want to lose @ anything. So instead of "losing wt" I am now slimming down. I am winning @ the scale!

The next thing I did was turn my nutrition around. Keeping up w/my food is not a vocation. It is something I will do in the back of my mind for the rest of my life. It is not a calling. It is not something to do as an example to anyone else. It is simply my way of nourishing my body. Period. Just as I don't smoke, rarely misuse alcohol or any of my other habits. I will get older (with any luck), & will either be angry with myself for the things I have done to my body or not. The rest is up to God. These days tho I am making my menu in advance. I am printing it out along with where I am wt wise in relation to where I want to be, & rating myself daily. duh.... isn't this what you have been encouraging me to do all along.... won't I always have lunch supplies on hand, & figure out what I will cook for supper?

Exercise is not a vocation either. Taking a walk will probably be a life long habit, too. Simply because I enjoy it so much:) I use it for prayer, enjoying God's beautiful world, contemplating where we are in life........ These days i'm not taking a stroll, tho. I'm fighting to take off some fat, & get a little wiggle out of my jiggle. duh..... isn't that what you've been encouraging me to do.

I love our Daisy Does. You have finally made strength, & stretching something I can attain.

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